Thursday, May 7, 2015


Life and clutter and STUFF are interfering with any kind of communication as we alter and build our nest, so perhaps a little focus on the Mama Cardinal building her own home outside our window, and a happy thought from the first Spring of LAWN TEA:

My little cardinal family is back in the big round Luck Bush that covers the sitting-room windows. They've re-furbished that nest for three years now, threading in new string and bits and bobs, coming back from bird-Ikea with all sorts of new furniture and appliances. I was so afraid this week's intrusion of the window-washers into the edge of their territory would frighten them away---the first year they nested, they'd not been there long when house guests over-enjoyed the little show. They pulled up the blinds and threw back the sheers to press interested faces to the glass time and again, causing the little fellows to flit in alarm.

But these guys were a gentle presence, moving the limbs carefully, talking softly as they shined, inside and out. And the birds returned almost as soon as the men moved the ladder and themselves a couple of yards down the wall.

M'sieu et Madame Rouge have raised their family twice now in the widescreen view with no interruptions or harm, so they just return, do a bit of Vernage, and settle down to roost. I've loved their trusting propinquity, their gentle song, their firm devotion to nest and chicks. And their own joy in the day is quite contagious; just a quiet cup in the small blue chair, as the sun peeks through and they talk over their schedules---what a nice way to start the morning.

They have quite the sense of fun, as well. A couple of summers ago, they had become used to my presence, and would come quite close, especially if they saw the hose being reeled out. They do love a damp ground for worm-catching, and are quite fond of a bath, as well.

From my journal of July, 2007:

My cardinal family came to join me today, as I sat out in the arbor, watching the slow sweep and rain of the sprinkler on the thirsty plants. The guy bird perched atop the wire of a tomato cage, watching the slow patter approaching. He flew the couple of feet to the top of the cucumber fence, and sat, letting it rain upon him time after time. I could almost see the smile on his little face.

The lady bird, however, was a rowdier sort. She found a puddle and frolicked away, flinging the water, flapping her wings, shaking her head, and when the spray was due to come her way each time, she faced it joyously, her wet-draggled face feathers taking the onslaught. She played there for quite some time, each blast of the fountain across her face giving her the happy look of a goofy old dog in the window of
a fast car.

I hope the Summer to come is as pleasant for them.


Jacqueline said...

How wonderful that they are returning and so comfortable with you!
I know the chaos of the renovations of a kitchen! Crazy but it will be so wonderful when you are done!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Sylvia said...

What a great lesson we can learn from these beautiful creations of God. They work to keep their home in order and enjoy their surroundings, being faithful each and every year. So we should be as faithful to keep a watch over our homes and lives! Thanks for sharing with us today.

Patsy said...

We also have a family of them, watching them at the feeder the male feeds the female one seed at a time. It looks like this happens just before she stays on the nest. Then all day he comes and gets one seed and takes it to her. We get to see the baby's and sometime there is a cowbird baby with them.
We had a neighbor cat that used our flower bed and I put mothballs all in the bed it worked if you can stand the smell,for it last about three months until the rain washes them away.

L. D. said...

I didn't know that they rebuild in the same nest. We have a pair and I think they are in a pine tree near here. It is neat your two comes back each year.

donna baker said...

Oh how I wish the birds would build a nest at my level so I could see the goings on.

GSL said...

I've always said that Mother Nature is the best colour schemer and Cardianl Red (male) is the best red there is.
Beautiful set piece Rachel and wonder if during their Spring reno, they also have a Miss Frankie to grill those early bird worms with.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love cardinals and wish so much we had them here in Southern California. Our birds are just not as colorful as in other states.

Truthfully, I'm glad you don't post every day either.. I want to keep up.. :)

I didn't get to see a single nest this year..not one..only the results of the young birds at the feeder..learning the ropes.

Jeanne said...

Wow, almost noon and I have been cleaning my closet all morning. Not done yet!!!

We too love cardinals but none of our red feathered visitors have built a nest that we know of. Your stories of the nesting and the water 'fest' sure made me smile Rachel. I adore all birds and have quite a collection of them in my tall windows. My friend's mom said the cutest thing when she saw the birds, "Supa Dupa" in her PA accent.
She was very elderly at the time and couldn't remember much, so it was so unexpected.

The history of your darling cardinals was a joy to read. Thank you for always making my visits such a reward.

I am scrolling down to your previous post to leave a comment. I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed your newsy email. Oh my Rachel, I can only imagine what you are going through with your home improvements. I pray you are nearly done with all the mess.

I'm glad Spring is making you smile. At least Spring is making an impression when you need something to be enjoyable other that looking forward to a fabulous kitchen etc.

Love you bunches dear friend.

Kim S. said...

I love watching the birds. We gave Momma a bird feeder for Mother's day - now she and the cat love sitting and watching. Best gift we ever gave her!