Wednesday, May 27, 2015


With the countertops not scheduled to come before late next week (or the week after), Chris has made a bit of work-room for me, neat and handy:


The new fridge is a marvel---you swing open those two doors at once, and it’s like opening Aladdin’s Cave, with all the colours and veggies and jars and good things inside.  I think the most precious thing to me about it is the SPACE---the leftover room which, contrary to my usual proclivity, I am NOT inclined to fill, just for filling’s sake.  The wide shelves and the big deep door balconies are just right, with just the needfuls and a few more for good measure, and I feel like those TV cooks who make a big half-sheet of puff pastry and step right over to the fridge, confident that there’s a shelf all cleared and wide enough to hold it.  I watch and think just ONCE they'll be like me---scrambling to hold the pan balanced, moving pickles and a Tup of tuna and a baggie of last week's who-knows-what, and THEN having to tilt the pan slant-wise on top of the eggs.  

And now---Riches.

I’ve put up only ONE curtain for now, leaving the other window with all the morning beams coming in through the Weatherbush and grapevine.   I know these aren’t a dazzling white like everything else, but I was charmed by the scatter of leaves to echo the ones waving in the breeze outside, and by the tiny puffs of pink silk embroidered posies in just the right shade.   I turned off the light, just to get the effect of those green leaves outside the window---isn’t that pretty?

So, with 12 square feet of shining vinyl sheeting to chop and stir and prepare in, a sweet guy who’s doing everything he can to move this along and to make do whilst we wait, and such a dash of pretty---I’m WAY ahead of the game.


Miss Merry said...

Gorgeous! I love your pink kitchen with the crisp white. It will all be worth it in the end. How wide is your frig? I am looking at replacing mine, too.

Patsy said...

Did you know your fridge looks like it is smiling?
I had a pink living room in our last house and loved it.
I have always been a pastel person. This house is all brown tones
and The Bennie want let me paint it. I feel like I live in a mud hut
Well maybe not that bad. LOL

donna baker said...

How sweet is Chris for doing that. I love the little curtain. Bet it makes you smile every time you look at it.

Kelley said...

Breathtaking! Pink Progress with a capital P!


L. D. said...

It is looking really great. I do remember the feeling when one gets a new fridge. You look in and feel the cool and can't wait to put food in it.

Jeanne said...

Oh my pink heaven. I have always loved white in a kitchen and then coupled with those gorgeous curtains with the BIG fridge. Your dream kitchen coming through. I can't wait to see the finished work of art. If I ever find a photo of my pink and white and cherry red kitchen, I will post it for you. We are going back 51 years. Yikes.

Hang in there.

Much love,

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh girl...if you even KNEW how much your comments on our own remodel/renovation have meant to me. The project was absolutely overwhelming at times and there were moments when we both wanted to die...crash, burn, scream, yell, kick, punch and GIVE UP! The work was grueling and when my hubby lost his job with Xerox (after 17 years) we were so discouraged as we had to STOP everything. You don't spend $ on a makeover when you have NO JOB.

Anyway...knowing the work we've done, most all of it by my hubby, has helped encourage someone else means everything to me. Truly. What I know today is that IT CAN BE DONE and on a very small budget. What you all have done is just beautiful and your work will pay off. It will. One day it will all be done and you'll wonder what to do with all your free time.

You sweet kitchen is a PINK DREAM! Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I started following you so I can keep up and hope you will consider following me, too. Now that the work is finally drawing close to being done I so want to return to my bloggie and have a LIFE OF FUN again.

More soon. Thank you again for visiting me. Means so much.

Love to you~


Kim S. said...

You will love that fridge, Rachel! It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it and now I adore mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Val said...

Your fridge looks like it's smiling. :)

I just found this post. I love the color, as you know, and the glimpse of the green leaves through the curtain. Sweet. ♥