Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Another about-to-be-snow day here at Downtrodden Abbey, and we’re perking along.  Sweetpea’s been here for several days, and it’s such a sweet thing to have a little one in the house. 

I’m a bit rusty on Homework, but I can give out spelling words (which tow do you mean, Ganjin---pull or foot?), and I’m a supreme listener when I’m being read to.   Shower and bedtime and prayers, and then the too-early morning (scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast today, with Ganner pouring the milk and rifling the cabinet for Quik and the Malt powder, adding a little story of Soda Fountains and two straws-in-the-milkshake).   I could just see the formica counter and the bright burst of letter-sweaters and poodle-skirts.

And today's the anniversary of the day we met, these twenty-nine years ago, so we'll do a lot of reminiscing throughout the day and over dinner, I imagine. It's a day of mixed feelings, with all this young energy on the one hand, and also the saying goodbye to a dear older one whose time is drawing to a close.   Many things to ponder and remember and be thankful for.

Hope you’re all staying well and warm!


Mrs. Smackless


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

How we love the idea of a Downtrodden Abbey much more fun than its counterpart. If only Maggie Smith could be there with you since she is the only person worth watching on the television series so close in name but which cannot be mentioned.

We have not seen a single episode. Of course, that is relatively easy as we do not have a television. But we are rather tired of BBC dramas and catch up with what is happening on it through our housekeeper, Tímea, who went not glued to DA is positively riveted to Poirot.

Snow and Sweetpea must make for an exhausting combination but we are sure that you revel in it all. And, now an Anniversary too. Gosh, we can imagine the dining table groaning with the savoury and sweet delights to celebrate. If only we were there.....

But, no wine, we, that would not suit. So, we shall raise a glass to you both of Hungarian best! Cheers!

Patsy said...

You sure made me laugh (Downtrodden Abbey)Funny!

Southern Lady said...

I loved dropping in on you and Chris and Sweetpea this morning. It sounds like your anniversary started out beautifully. Hope the rest of your day was as happy and sweet. With love from Mississippi ...

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

I hope you are surviving in this snowy weather. We had some snow earlier this week but they all disappeared yesterday. The cold wind remains very sharp and biting.

I have read your most romantic post about your first meeting back in 2009. Oh my dear, you have been writing this blog for so long and I wonder why our paths never came across before.

I wish you a happy anniversary and may god grant you every happiness, love and laughter for many years to come.

Best wishes, ASD

GSL said...

Such a lovely post Darling Rachel and I well remember my early mornings of milk with Quik along with a bowl of Quisp or Captain Crunch before racing out for the bus. I'll bet Sweet Pea will have some lovely wintry memories decades from now after we're all gone and how she'll tell her little one about her granjin and her beautiful way with words and how so magical it made those quiet moments seem

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, Happy anniversary for the day you met. I would love to hear more about your meeting and courting. I know you have probably shared some time back and I missed it!!!

How fun it is to have Sweetpea visiting for several days. I know Downtrodden Abbey is having a merry good time. Snowy days and lots of good food.

We are staying warm but it isn't easy. Still no snow. Sigh! I love the pretty white stuff more if the flakes are big and beautiful.


Kim S. said...

Happy Anniversary of your meeting day to one of the dearest and most devoted couples I’ve ever met! You two are a wonderful example of love and steadfast commitment.

Kim S. said...

I was rereading this and had to add: I love the thought of Sweetpea growing up with not only all of the benefits and joys of her modern world (up-to-date Disney princesses and Skyping), but also all of the lovely old fashioned memories traditions that you and Chris are passing on. Soda fountains and tea parties SHOULD be treasured. With any luck, you have both been so evocative in your descriptions that she won’t know if they are her own memories or not. I know that I know more about the movie stars of the 30’s and 40’s than I do from my own era due to the afternoons spent reclining on my grandmother’s sofa watch old movies and reading ancient issues of ‘Photoplay’ and ‘Modern Screen’.