Saturday, February 7, 2015


Pomegranates, for linking to Beverly’s PINK SATURDAY.

They're what I consider the original “Love Apples,” with their regal little crowns and shining skins, and the deep secrecy of plump seeds hidden within. 

My children used to take them to school in their lunchboxes, just like a banana or apple, much to the delight of their classmates, who would crowd around for a taste.   Thank goodness they weren’t fruit you had to cut into segments, but practically the loaves-and-fishes of the fruit-world, with a seed or two here, and a spoon-taste there, and probably a run on Piggly Wiggly not seen since the price-clicker stamped out 20/$1 on the Star-Kist.

Do not, as I did to my chagrin, think you can gussy up a pitcher of screwdrivers by pouring in a good tot of pomegranate juice the night BEFORE the brunch.   It was simply gorgeous in the pouring, with the golden juice mingling with the rosy nectar in swoops and swirls, and joining colours in an ecstatic deep poppy shade.

Then, in the stark light of morning and whatever chemical change is caused by sitting next to a pitcher of Lusty Marys (we all know that shady characters never influence UP), the totally breathtaking hue had morphed overnight into the brutal tinge of a two-day bruise, all cloudy purple and not a pretty one, at that.   Enough of my silly experiments.

The TRUE Love-Feast for my own Sweetheart:

though he does purchase, marinate, cook and carve it himself.   Hunka Hunka Burnin’ indeed.   If he didn’t bring it in the house right quick, we’d have enough guests and dogs at the door to populate a small country.   And we needed them, for that great chunk of beef, which we had the week after Christmas, when DS and DDIL were here for a visit from Mississippi.

And a Happy, Happy Sweethearts’ Day to all of Y’all!


Kathy said...

I have never had a pomegranate. Or its juice. I'll have to try one sometime.

bj said... this post.
Piggly Wiggly was about a block from our jr. high school (they call it MIDDLE school now) and on our lunch break, we'd go buy a pomegranate when they were in season. Then, we'd go across the street to the bakery and buy a couple of thumbprint cookies for a dime. These cookies had real fudge candy centers..not the powdered sugar frosting they use now.
Great memories....thanks. :)

GSL said...

I remember those Piggly Wiggly's although we were Winn Dixie loyalists growing up. That is one gorgeous roast!

LV said...

I have a sister that dearly loves pomegranates. I am not that fond of them. If I eat meat, it has to be well done.

Patsy said...

Love pomegranates --hate the seeds
No wonder they call it the love apple. You have to take the good with the bad.
I could just taste that beautiful roast beef. Happiness to you both.

Jacqueline said...

Now that is a hunka hunka meal! Yum.
Our kids love pomegranates too although they never took them to school! How fun for the other kids.
Too bad the color changed! I guess now we know huh?!!
I am just about getting ready to print my 7th book! I wanted to wait until after Christmas and then wanted to wait until after Valentine's Day. I have them out in the living room and people always say they want them and then I explain how they are each individual books and how much they cost and then they aren't as interested, but I did make a copy for each of my five kids as it is a great journal/history!

Beverly said...

I think your hunk is a true keeper.

Your pomegranates caught my eye immediately. I love, love, love them. Your post is being featured as "the one that caught my eye" in my post this weekend.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend.♥

Kim S. said...

That is a beautiful roast. I would be the proudest cook in the world if I could put that on my table. And I would have been the coolest mom on the block if I'd have thought of sending a pomegranate to school with Jessica!