Monday, December 22, 2014

R. I. P. MR. JOE

Joe Cocker

Our celebrations have long included
Dancin’ in the Kitchen before we sat down to eat, with everybody wending and winding around the cooks and the preparations, waving napkins and prancing ourselves around to a rockin’ tune.   Our very favorite, even before Sweetpea’s baby hands could go to the CD shelf and “find Mr. Joe” was this one---Feelin’ All Right. 

I dare you to try to listen and DON'T dance---impossible.

We’ve swiveled and shaken and swirled, done a booty shake and hip wiggle and tailfeather twist and washing-machine with company, with just us, just me washing dishes, and on some very fancy occasions, all of which left us pumped up and sometimes gasping as we came down to Earth to hold hands for the Blessing.  Fun times.  

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to know that even after you’re gone, complete strangers would still be enjoying moments of such joy and frivolity simply because of something you’d done in your life?

R. I. P. Mr. Joe.  I hope you know how much you were loved.


Emily said...

I'm a much better cook and dish washer when I'm "getting my groove on"!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We were very saddened by this loss of such a talented man. He influenced the music of our generation. So so sad....

steelersandstartrek said...

I had the distinct privilege of joining just one of those tarantellas in your kitchen, and will never forget the joy and playfulness on Sweet Pea's face as she appraised our technique.

When I saw the news about Joe, I turned to My Bride and asked, "What will Rachel and Chris do now?" I hope you'll keep dancing. And I hope to get to join you again, and like a true tarantella, we can spin til we drop!

Rest well, Joe. You done good.

Kim S. said...

My sweet man said it all. We did think about you when we heard the news and yes, it means something that his artistry will live on in your kitchen!