Thursday, December 11, 2014


We had the privilege to see and hear Elvis sing this song in one of his last performances.  It was close to the finale, and the energy and emotions in that huge auditorium were simply electric.  We’d stood in the sweat and the tears and whatever else was in that mystical atmosphere which drew you in and made you part of that great aura which surrounded such a presence.   We sang our hearts out, building up to the finish, when Elvis landed on one knee with his hand outstretched to an enormous spotlighted flag unscrolling on one wall.   What a Moment, and what a Memory, to be a part of such a bit of music history.

And he would have just LOVED little Ella Mae.

Sometimes something so sweet and so dear will come along and just capture your heart.  She’s charming and precious; her daddy rocks a dorky hat.  He adores and is adored by his sweet baby girl---what’s not to like?.

 I’ve enjoyed watching this many times, and though she must be a young lady of more-than-three by now, I still want to believe she must be out there somewhere, riding around, singing along with Ebbis and her Dad-DEE. 

  A Christmas Present from me to you.


GSL said...

I just loved that!!!! You can now count me among Ella Mae's adoring following and loved how she worked the drums there at the end!
Thank you dear Rachel; that was a precious gift!

donna baker said...

What a sweet baby. My first one was like Ella, but the next two were so fussy.

Beverly said...

h my, this made my day. You just gotta love Ella Mae, her Dad-dee and Elvis.♥

Emily said...

Dear, dear Rachel,
I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and busy December days. I look forward to each and every post of yours. They brighten my day and put a smile on my face!


Southern Lady said...

What a beautiful way to start my day, Rachel ... by watching a precious baby angel sing her little heart out to her sweet daddy. Thank you for sharing this early Christmas gift with us. Hope you and all your "lovies" are well and making lots of memories together.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel dear. Thanks you as always for the sweetest comment about my post. I wondered if anyone would visit today. Smile. I was late connecting and the subject is mostly dear to me...only!

Ella Mae is adorable in this photo. Who wouldn't just adore her. Most of all her dad dee. Elvis in person, I am so envious. When I was 15 or so, Elvis came to Miami. I did not have the money, nor did my parents to send five girls to see Elvis. So I remember telling my friends that I didn't care to see Elvis. This was 'very early' in his career. Of course, that was a lie. I was dying to see him. Another opportunity never came up. Sigh. Lucky you.

I am sure your party coming up will be the best ever. I know from your past posts that the food will be plentiful and delicious. Have a wonderful celebration and give Sweetpea a hug from me.

I am adding that your Christmas tree bonus in your previous post made me laugh so much. Maybe noone came to that party??? HA! A great and humorous story to share.

Still decorating, but I will finally finish today.
Love, Jeanne

steelersandstartrek said...

The Child sends Ella's clip my way about once a month as a way of saying "enjoy the day." She never fails to raise a smile.

Thanks for giving me one today!

Kim S. said...

I watch Miss Ella about once a week. She keeps me shiny! Your experience with Elvis reminds me of my reaction to seeing Paul McCartney a few years ago. I spent the entire concert standing in awe – mouth open and teary eyed! Elvis crossed all generations in my family. My Bomo, my mother and I all loved him.