Monday, December 15, 2014


A simply lovely evening, from the gathering upstairs in Caro’s sitting room, with the tree and evergreens and poinsettias and candle-light, on down to dinner, with the table set by Sweetpea, with her beloved red chargers (I swear, that child appropriated those things and enjoys them as much as toys.   They are pressed into service as table-settings, trays for lego-and-cootie-feet refreshments, a shield-maiden’s breastpate, an umbrella, and even Frisbees on occasion.  The tale of their use as targets for the Marshmallow guns is for another time).

I just washed them up and let her have at it---note the customary Christmas finger-puppets, brought out for every Christmas Eve gathering which involves children, but we ladies had a fun time letting them converse and interact, ourselves.   See the everyday, mis-matched silverware, the tiny plastic spoon laced through the cup-handles, the FROZEN sleigh full of kisses, and a kiss in every teacup?  

And when she and Ganner returned from their movie, they joined us for some dinner around the table. We’d already had the cheese course, but they caught up.   The ladies complimented her table setting, and she was properly modest---a little blush, a demure bowing of her head over the bright smile.   “Thank you.  It was my honor,” she said.   I thought her Mama and I were going to have to flee for Kleenex.

We had a lovely repahhhst, with Chris' glorious pink ham, Caro’s dates-in-bacon and colourful platter of rollups---both jalapeno and seafood, and a beautiful plate of cucumber cups with smoked salmon, sour cream and dill. She composed a lovely cheese plate, with her homemade cranberry compote, fig jam, walnuts and toasted pecans.

I did the dips---plain old everyday Ranch, and store-bought hummus, as well as the hot artichoke dip, Paminna Cheese, Chicken Salad, the Deviled Eggs, crudite platter, and the tri-colour Christmas-Tree ravioli in a pesto vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms, roasted peppers, and roasted garlic.   The baby Yukons in a cloak of sour-cream and butter were a nice warm homey dish amongst all the party dishes.

And Caro worked for DAYS on the boxes and bags and platters of Christmas Sweets for sharing out---of those, moire non. 

Dates wrapped in Bacon


harleygirl said...

It all looks very tasty, and sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing! :)

racheld said...

Wish you and yours could have been here, Harleygirl.

Please note that several pieces on that table are earmarked for YOU!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a lovely spread. Makes me hungry just looking at it. Happy holidays.

racheld said...


How lovely to have you drop in! We always have such a good time getting together.

I DID manage to get all my books printed, but right after the New Year, I'd still like to consult you about some buttons and putting subjects into topics.

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!


GSL said...

Bravo to Sweet Pea for laying such a magnificent table and if I had been so fortunate to attend this Highest of Teas, I would have angled to sit in that seat pre-warmed by Mickey Mouse...what a magnificent spread too!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

This looks beautiful, delicious, and fun! BTW, we can never have a family gathering without deviled eggs in our family.

racheld said...


You'd a been SO welcome (and your posts on Lion's Den attest your affinity for nice ladies' company and conversation). Your chair just MIGHT have boasted not only Mickey, but assorted remnants of Play-doh, cookie crumbs, a missing jigsaw piece, and a crayon-tip or two.

Caro is responsible for most of the food, with my little efforts in the kitchen slowing down considerably the past few years. We used to feed hundreds, and now getting ready for six took me several days.

And while we're here, kind sir, may I thank you for all the weekends, deployments, times away from home, PT, rigorous-training, heart-in-your-throat out-the-doors-into-thin-air, boot-polishing, long-marching, BDU-wearing, scared-to-death and joy of living that make your service to your country such a source of admiration and pride.

says rachel, who can STILL iron a set of BDUs as well as the Post Laundry.

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

What a beautifully displayed spread on your table. I am absolutely impressed by your Sweetpea's artistic eyes and taste!!

The food on your table looks utterly divine! Chris' ham and Caro's bacon make me hungry. Absolutely perfect!

With best wishes, ASD

W. Latane Barton said...

I got so hungry just reading about all that food. And, loved the tale behind it that you wove so well. A lovely time was had by all.

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, How lovely your party looks and Sweetpea is such a little lady already. Her table setting is darling. The candy kisses in the cups are priceless. I too love the red chargers. Big smile here.

Caro and you sure made some wonderful dishes to admire. I have no doubt it was all delicious. The ham looks great,so kudos to Chris. Yum. There is nothing more special than sharing a lovely party with loved ones.

Next comes Christmas and I hope your Christmas celebration is just as successful. My sincere wishes for a wonderful Christmas to you and yours is heartfelt with love.


PS: I sent off a wee gift to you today...finally. There is something in your package that I hope will make you smile. It is all about memories from when you lived in the South.


Kim S. said...

Sweet Pea’s table is utterly charming. I wish I had such a party planner to help me when I entertain! And that food! Oh, it looks and sounds glorious! Would you care to elaborate on seafood roll ups? Sounds right up my alley.