Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mothers’ Day was a wonderful day---I awoke to an early phone call from the MO group, with lots of speaker-phone chattering back and forth between the two of us and the five of them, with all sorts of adventures and picnics and school doings and family times related.

They’re our GA bunch, moved SIX HOURS CLOSER now, and we’re excited to know that there will be lots more visits and meet-halfways and this Summer, the girls are coming for a week EACH---so we’ll have some one-on-one time for the first time with Kit.

Then the lovely flowers and meeting all the ones who live here in town after church, for lunch at “The Jello Store,”---one of our favorite places.   We got a table back in a corner, out of traffic and the crowd, and had a splendiferous time, with a good Sunday Dinner and lots of conversation and sharing around tastes of desserts.

Sweetpea finished first, and started to sing to us as we continued our leisurely meal---she’d hung on to her church bulletin, and held it up like a choir book, softly singing away to Cinderella songs and Chipmunk songs and Sunday School songs, as she “read” every word.   After our first caution, she sang very softly, and did her dancing way in the back, so as not to disturb other families.

Caro slipped the “Flip” recorder out of her purse, and captured some of the music and the dancing.   She sang to her Mama an endless song for Mothers’ Day---with “I love you” in almost every line (still reading from bulletin), with many pirouettes and turns, and gentle golf-claps of applause from us.

“Sing the Weather song,” I requested, for I’ve hoped to capture her voice singing that one for a long time, before it changes from the soft syllables of  little-hood.

She consulted her broadsheet.   “It’s not ON here,” she replied.  

“Look, way down at the bottom.  There it is,” I said, and she sang away,  eyes on the bottom line all the way through the song.

There was just one more that I’d wanted to record before she changes the mis-wording to the correct one---so I requested that one as well.

Ditto, it’s not on this book.    Her Mama handed her a Splenda packet, and she perked right up, launching right into “Sing, Sweet LIGHT-in-Gale,” from her new cue card.  I'd heard of singers who were so good they could "sing the phone book" and everyone would listen.   But CONDIMENTS?

After lunch, we went book-store-ing and came home to our new reading and naps, until time for order-in Chinese dinner and the finale of Survivor.   We finished up the day with calls from the CA contingent, several time zones behind us.  

Splenda Day.    And you?


Beverly said...

Your Splenda day sounds like just the right sweet. Thank you for sharing your smiles and love.

My mother, husband and I met our son for breakfast at Panera. He came back to the house that afternoon, and I cooked mind-bending awesome shrimp pasta. My house still smelled of garlic the next day.

Denise :) said...

What a sweet, sweet day!! I love that she's so willing to sing, as long as it's in the program! I'm so thankful -- for your sake -- that you were able to get that last song -- and Splenda day, indeed!! :)

LV said...

Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day as well. No that is not pot roast in the yellow dish. Green beans prepared in a bundle. I am not cook, so not familiar with them, except love eating them.

jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel, Did you think I was never coming back? Well, Claudie from Canada is still here until Friday and time to blog has been a thing to be treasured. Almost a past memory. HA! Right now I should be sleeping but I just kept thinking about how many posts I have missed and gave in to getting up and sending you a note. I read all of your recent posts and enjoyed each one as usual.

The Splenda post is so darling and I could almost hear Sweet Pea singing. It reminded me of my granddaughter Molly. When she was little she entertained us with one man (child) plays for hours. It would go in 10 different directions and like a miracle she could bring it all together in the end. She is 16 now and I miss those days. I know you love every little Sweetpea moment and so do I with your written words.

How wonderful that your darling loved ones will be closer to you now. A true blessing.

The pup story made me laugh. I give Chris a lot of credit. I can't imagine trimming our pup. HA!

I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. So did I. Love is a powerful thing and being a mother with children who love us is a lovely blessing.

Happy Sweetpea days to you and yours.
Love, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

What a precious story, Rachel. I can just see your little angel Sweetpea singing her little heart out. I know yours was overflowing with love and pride and happiness after such a perfect day.

Kim Shook said...

I like the video of this that is running in my head! ‘Golf-clap of applause’ is a GREAT phrase.