Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sweetpea and I made her Mama a vase of flowers for Mothers' Day---a whimsical, Seussian little bouquet, just right for small hands to create, Mamas to 'preciate.

We began with glad hearts, good intentions, and a tangle of stuff from the craft box.   This girl has almost as many Tupperwares fulla stuff on the toy shelves as I do in the fridge.

We twisted, stood back and admired, gave a tweak here and there (not to mention some vain attempts to staple the noses on the flowers---one of those endeavours much better in the idea than the doing, like what Caro calls "like trying to stand up a jellyfish").  Good thing Sweetpea has a good eye for the Elmer's.

She also made a card---turning down the proffered pink for RED---Mommy LIKES red, and sticking on  haphazard stickers from several books, the card out of the leftover PAAS box, (but Mommy LIKES Easter Eggs) and one of the ones they stick on her shirt every time she goes to Kroger.

And if you enlarge the picture, you see she's also fond of sunshine, hence the TWO bright orbs over the bouquet on the card.

She also arranged every single flower in that vase.   I think this Summer, in addition to swimming lessons, I just might sign us up for an ikebana class. 

And a HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to everyone!!


Nann from At Nann's Table said...

These are some of the most special flowers that anyone could ever give their mother. Sweet Pea is one very choice child. Happy Mothers Day to you too Racheld!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
How delightful is this bunch of flowers. So very original and clearly made with a great deal of love and thought.

Susan said...

So lovely and it sounds like the two of you had a ball together!