Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do go and peek in at Lady Katherine's Birthday Tea---she and her husband have been working for a couple of years restoring a wonderful old store-space down in her town in Mississippi, and its daily life is as a lively and popular cafe' now.

But when she invites her dearest friends in for Afternoon Tea---well, let's say that those Southern girls sure know how to give a gracious, welcoming, beautiful party.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Oh how we should love to have such a Tea Room near to where we live. However, our waistlines would probably not thank us for it!

The tea table looks to be laden with all manner of delicious goodies, what lucky guests they were!

We notice the Royal Albert china which holds pride of place in your photograph. This brings to mind such happy thoughts of our aged Aunt who lives in England and who has a complete set of this china. It always makes an appearance at teat time!

mississippi artist said...

I have eaten at Katherine's store/restaurant several times and her husband is a very good cook!

Patsy said...

I have this china and would love to have a garden party.(But)don't guess it will happen.
Have a great May Day!

Alice said...

The teacups simply invite tea into them. I always think that tea should be taken in fine china cups and coffee in thick mugs. To me, tea seems like a fine drink, while coffee seems like a thick drink. I know it sounds strange but many people seem to agree with me.