Sunday, March 11, 2012


Okay, Y’all---just a little departure from the norm today.   We’ve been talking about old TV shows and their impact and influence on our “formative years,” or just for the enjoyment we remember.  We fondly remembered quite a few, with Lassie and Bonanza and Donna Reed and Dr. Welby some of the ones which were totally Rated G, with solid values and all coming right in the end.

And then, there were a few which we watched faithfully every week (lively discussion between Caro and me of our three-channels-only years out in the country, in which somebody had to run out between shows to physically TURN the rusty old antenna, with somebody ELSE shouting from inside the wall “RIGHT THERE!” or “GO BACK!” before we missed intro and beginning of the next program).

And Now---I’m constrained to make a Public Service Announcement of my own:   Those of you who know me as a quiet, kind person---a good Grandma, a kind and loyal friend, and as a mostly-well-mannered Lady, calm of demeanor and modest of speech:


Darrin was a Dick, and Samantha should have turned him into a frog.

He had all the classic signs of an abusive husband:  he wanted to isolate her from her family and friends, he insisted that she do everything HIS way, though it was much more trouble for her, he was ashamed of her, and he tried to make her change who she WAS.   She should have just nose-twitched him right into the nearest lily-pond.

And How Are Ya’ll doing this sunny day?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Now this is putting it somewhat bluntly!!

How good it is that we gave up television some thirty years ago!

racheld said...

I think blunt thoughts sometimes, and VERY seldom put them into words.

We still "do" TV, and it's mostly of the lighter problem-solving type, like "Castle" and "The Mentalist" and "Grimm," though we MUST admit a fondness for the grim-in-itself "Justified." Elmore Leonard every week.

Hope all is well with you both---are there signs of SPRING in your garden?

Kouign Aman said...

I would have put him in the 'drip' category, me. A waste of her breath.

Chesapeake said...

Need a larger size here:


Kim Shook said...

RACHEL!!!! My dear, darling girl! That is ABSOLUTELY what I always thought about them!!! Even when I was a little girl, before all that conscious raising of the 1970's, I couldn't figure out what a cool lady like Sam was doing with that doofus. I remember telling Momma "I'd be proud if my wife could do all that with just her NOSE"! Kisses!

Beverly said...

Kudos, Rachel. He was "the pits".

And, I always wanted to be able to twitch my nose just like Samantha.

jeanne said...

I had to read this twice before I got it Rachel. Now you have me laughing like a fool. Love this post. and I agree with you about Darin.
Love, Jeanne

Tonja said...

I'm assuming you feel much better after you got that out of your system! Been waiting a while for just the right occasion to let it all out, I bet!

I thought Darrin was ridiculous...such a whiny little man. She should have twitched up a handsome hunk of a man and rode off into the sunset with him!