Thursday, March 8, 2012


‘Long about January every year, I’m longing for a Spring Lunch---pastelly and asparagussy and the windows open to the sounds and scents of the season.   May Wine sounds enticing when someone else talks about it, and it’s a lovely thought shining in the glass, but probably only Caro would take a sip, and maybe Chris (but he’d probably want Sprite in his).

But this year----THIS year---I’ve been dreaming of a Summer supper on the lawn, with a marquee over the table, and the gauzy panels catching the late-evening breeze.  The menu would be straight off the grill, in that decades-old repetition of Southern cookouts---ribs or chicken, baked beans, potato salad, maybe some crisp-cut slaw or summery pasta salad, sliced tomatoes----but not burgers.
  For burgers are of themselves, with their little side-rounds of onion and pickle and tomato on a plate, and maybe chips on the side.

Burgers are what you have at the end of a day of yard work, when you all just wash up and sit in the shade around the patio while the grill heats up, or when somebody’s bringing their children, and you rustle open a bag of Lay’s  and fill up the  KoolAid pitcher. 

But chicken, now---that’s a good sit-down-with-friends supper, with corn cooked in the shuck, or some caramelized onions.

And Ribs---Ribs are the ne plus Unh-Hunh of grillwork.  Chris makes the ULTIMATE backyard ribs---tender and succulent and with a sweet bronze glaze; they’re simple, and simply perfect with a cold Wonder-Bread-Blue-Plate-Sweet Onion sandwich when it’s just us, or with all the trimmin’s when there’s company.

It’s not BARBECUE, but, like a short message from a friend, ‘twill serve til better days.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
All these wonderful thoughts and descriptions of delicious summer foods have set our thoughts racing ahead to the months to come. There is something, as you suggest, particularly wonderful about eating outside on a perfect summer's evening - something which can never be relied upon in the UK but is a distinct possibility in Hungary.

Have a wonderful weekend!

jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I love what you are dreaming. I wish I had a Chris who could use our grill. Smile. My hubs is not a cook. He won't drink a nice glass of wine. He likes the inexpensive sweet stuff. Sigh! In almost fifty years I haven't been able to change him about wine. I do like a nice dry red or white wine.

Your photos of so much delicious food is making me want some BBQ. It all sounds lovely and finger smacking good. Dream on and maybe it will become a realty soon. Yum.

I'm happy you liked my post. Thank you for wishing me well. I am feeling a whole lot better. However, since I slept the day away I am wide awake now. Sigh.

Goodnight and good day tomorrow.
Love, Jeanne

Bev said...

Oh Yum!

Patsy said...

made my mouth water!

Ann said...

Now I'm in the mood for barbeque. We do a LOT of that here in Kansas City. Yum - your table looks ready for a great summer party. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my post today.
Have a super weekend.

C'est moi Claudette said...

I'm lying in bed on this Sat. morning looking at all this wonderful summer spread you and hubby make. I can't vision it right now in our yard as of yet. Our river is still frozen solid. The temps are suppose to start going up tomorrow.
Now I must get up and have something to eat. Not as yummy as what you have here Rachel or close to it.
Have a lovely weekend my friend.
Love Claudie

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We are SO lucky to live in this country and to have such wonderful things to eat..and..GOOD GRIEF! I'm off to get something to eat..anything! Not a chance of a BBQ chicken or carmelized onions..but surely there is something..anything.. :):)

Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment!!

Kim Shook said...

That all sounds so perfect, Rachel! You reckon Chris' ribs would make it halfway 'tween us? I'd bring the deviled eggs! I haven't forgotten our visit, by the way! And a long summer evening would be perfect for dilatory chats and "maybe just one more sliver of cake"! Mwah!

Beverly said...

What would you like me to bring? I've been dreaming of cupcakes. Between our dreams, we'll have a delicious time.