Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Somehow, the first day-of-Spring-the-clocks was oddly easy, with early awakening not so bad, and with energy remaining at the end of the day.   As the hours went on, with the sunshine coming in as much more than its usual peeks, it seemed much more like a Summer day out there, in this stepping toward the cusp of Spring.

Chris quoted (in his own words, of course---HIS kind of quote) an old saying---this tinkering with time is like cutting a foot off a good blanket, then sewing it onto the other end, hoping to make it fit.  Pretty soon, it’s all splits and seams, with no comfortable place to rest head nor feet.  And all that seamed-down fabric makes it less and less use to anybody. 

It felt SO Summer-Day-Down-South, but not one of those day-long chores like picking or shelling or canning, when you barely get Supper on the table before energy and light are gone, and so to bed.

This was more like one of the rare ones, when you finish the garden work and get those rows of full, shining jars set to cool in time for a shower, freshening up to enjoy dinner and hearing about everyone’s day. It was an everybody-home-to-supper early, so that the last wipe of the counter and whisssssh of the dishwasher were WAY before dark, and gave a definite end to the work of the day, with much of the light left to enjoy.

  Such a day calls for a good old Southern Supper.    Collards in their “pot liquor” of good juices flavored with onion and a little garlic, and gilded with the golden beads of a little sesame oil, like our favorite Chinese restaurant Down South:

A few slices of “Pork Steak”---a flat oval with all the flavor and tenderness of center-cut chops, cut into threes, dredged in flour and pan-fried:

A bowl of Baby Red Potato Salad, still a little bit warm like Chris likes it, and a dressing of sweet onion, bell pepper, boiled eggs, Blue Plate, and some of the sweet pickles I made last week---sorta messy, for it's still in the mixing bowl:  


What would Collards be without a black skillet of crusty CORNBREAD---half plain and the other half with minced jalapenos:

Chris’ tray---he likes his collards with Pot Likker, and some extra jalapeno on the side. 

And with that extra helping of sunshine long after supper, the light lingering as if reluctant to leave us---a quite satisfying day.


Patsy said...

Now that is a good old southern meal. Make's you want to slap your,no kiss your wife. lol

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Oh we know just what you mean about being able to enjoy the last light of the day with all the chores complete. It is so very satisfying and everything seems to be in its place and all is well with the world....or so one can think until tomorrow!!

Beverly said...

I wish I was there with you. It sounds heavenly.♥

jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I too love the longer days of spring and summer. I was pretty tired of the early dark days this winter.

I want to come and eat at your house. Mmmmmm, I'm having boring hamburgers and beans tonight. Since I am busy spring cleaning and that is the best I can do.

Tomorrow night we will have guests for dinner and bridge. I will be cooking and baking BIG! Smile.

We will be done with dinner and playing cards before it is dark and dreary. It is supposed to rain.

Lingering ligh is a happy event.

Thank you for the sweetest comment Rachel. You are a dear friend and we have only met on our computers. Life is grand.
Love, Jeanne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH MY GOSH! That food looks like pure heaven!
No winter to speak of this year..and the ski resorts in the mountains suffered. A new storm is due tonight...we hope.
Spring always just sounds so good to me.. :)
It's spaghetti for dinner tonight.

mississippi artist said...

Your meal looks delicious-except for the collards. I just never developed a taste for them. Mustard greens are my choice.I had cornbread an the last of the fresh home grown brussel sprouts for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, the two "bathroom" comments are the first suspicious "autobot" responses I have seen on Blogger in a long time!

Let me be the first to say "I am NOT clicking those profiles!" Cookie or virus alert!

Rachel, the food looks lovely. And I have checked for you and Chris and there IS a local 12 step group for those dealing with "slow time" addiction......


Kim Shook said...

Lovely day and meal! We need to have pork chops soon - those looked wonderful.

sbo said...
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