Thursday, March 1, 2012


It was 66 here when we went out at two yesterday!!!

We went for a late lunch, at a little local place which has a lovely picnic area---a small pavilion with tables, and long teak benches scattered about the lawn, with brick walks and strolling paths.

We took our lunches out into the breeze, each of us trying to use our paper bag as a placemat, and having great difficulty pinning them down as they were emptied of their sandwiches.   We set our drinks on corners, we held them down with the spare hand, and after Chris used his knife to cut Sweetpea’s sandwich into the required, “Four pieces, please"  (that child makes a tea party out of every possible occasion, even those involving cheeseburgers), he slid the blade gently through the sack and into the slit between the planks of the table to pin her lunch down.

It was a wonderful couple of hours, as we ate, explored, went on several ADVENTURES, found sticks and rocks, identified a little set of raccoon tracks in the  concrete under the picnic tables, and enjoyed the BRISK breeze that blew our hair back as we rode the bench TRAIN and BOAT to wonderful places.

Sweetpea's class had been studying about March yesterday, for she commented that she was having either a Lamb Day or a Lion Day, and which was it?    It was quite Leo-ly in character and effect, but the warmth and bright skies and sunshine would have been LAMB in anybody’s book.

So, with a nod to and from  Mary Poppins:



RobinfromCA said...

Sounds like fun! I love your lovely vintage image at the top too!

Kim Shook said...

Sweetpea is a girl after my own heart. Everything tastes better if you can pretend it's a tea party!

steelersandstartrek said...

There are magic moments, both stated and suggested by, Mary Poppins. Sweetpea is at the age where such magic is real -- I so envy that wonder and joy!

Hold on to those bench trips as long as you can!

jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel I wish you a happy March as well. It is windy and it was cold but we are expecting 60's for the next several days. The tornadoes hit a town near us and caused quite a lot of damage to some businesses but no injuries.

Your outing with Sweetpea is so sweet. Especially when it is a story written by you. Smile. A charming day that would make anyone happy.

I am down with a cold and life has stopped until I feel better. I can visit my dear Blogging friends while recovering and that is a bonus to 'brighten' my day. No bridge today. Sigh.

My cousin Marilyn and her hubs is visiting for the next several days and that is always a joy to me. She is my age and we are as close as sisters. Her dad was my mother's brother.

Love and blessings to you and yours my dear sister friend.

Jeanne xo

Tonja said...

Oh what fun! It just warms my heart every time I hear you talk about the time you take to do things on Sweetpeas schedule. What a blessing! To have 2 adults who are at her beck and call! But, more than that...when other adults are busy, and rightly so, with their the business of keeping home and family going...she can coulnt on you to have the time to explore and dawdle and meander and focus just on her! Glad you are enjoying the prettier weather. Everything is budding out here...and the azaleas are blooming...the dogwood, too. I love it!

Beverly said...

I love that kind of day. And, even though some think it strange, I love the wind. A strong yet good breeze makes my day. Just not winds that bring harm.