Friday, December 9, 2011


Caro has already made I-Don’t-Know-How-Much candy and baked goods---all sorts of barks---with whole almonds, poured onto the platter with my mistakenly saying,“Whose plateful of Northern Beans is this?”  There are also other batches snugged into two high stacks of long Glad Boxes---with crushed Oreos, with crushed Nutter Butters, with crumbs of peppermint pinkening the entire puddle.

She’s made Heath bar and chocolate chip and one batch with Heath-chips-and-mini-M&M’s gaudifying the whole top of the chocolate pool, like every child’s candiest dreams. There are great pans of seven-layer bars and dozens of pretty candy-papers holding coconut haystacks.   I think I remember one big pan of a kid-version of Rocky Road, with only the marshmallows.

She’s stood in that kitchen for hours, and as soon as I make these three five-pound batches of fudge, we hope to be boxing and sending a sample of all the goodies to all the chillun around the country.  Plus, we're having a very small tea party/cookie exchange on Sunday afternoon.

Somewhere in all that great counterful of sweetness are five gallon-Ziplocs of “Crack”---the Chex/pretzel/peanut/M&M’s  dipped into white or dark chocolate and broken apart into the munchiest, cravingest stuff to come out of Candyland.   I’d suggested the addition of Bugles this year, thinking they’d look enough like little elf-hats  mingling into the mix, but she’d seen these little cuties online, and this is what I woke to this morning:

She had held them by the sharp tip, dipped them into red Wilton Candy-Melts, then dipped the little damp horn-bell into the tee-nineciest sand-sized nonpareil dust.    She laid them onto parchment, where a lot of them would balance on the open ends.   When they were dry, she held them by the fluff-ends, dipped the sharp ever-so-slightly into the red melt, then pressed a little marshmallow onto the end.

I have no idea what they’re destined for, but our tea party/cookie exchange on Sunday will feature some peeking out from the candy trays, I’m sure, and our little ones will receive the fairy-size little morsels in their packages.   They'll surely marvel and admire---for a brief moment at least, I imagine, before they munch.

I certainly admired and oohed and aahed, and though she hates the cutesy-poo word, I teased her by uttering an under-my-breath  “squeee!” as I left the room.   

I wish you could each and every one join us for Tea on Sunday!


Southern Lady said...

Thinking of you this afternoon ... and wishing I could be a little "Elf on a Shelf" watching all the festivities. I know a good time will be had by all.

mississippi artist said...

Oh yum,all that wonderful candy and trash too!I feel my butt getting bigger. I have been seeing those little santa hats, so cute, but I am sure lot's of time to make which I sure don't have!I swear you just can't have any fun when you work!

Tonja said...

Oh, my just hearing about all those delightful things done to the already wonderful yumminess of chocolate just sent me into a sugar overload! Love the little hats, how cute!

racheld said...

Sweetpea is watching "Elf on a Shelf" this minute while I'm doing some after-party cleanup---she got the book and the ELF this week, and once she learned his "mission" she suggested that he live in the cupboard under the sink, so as not to spy on "us."

The little hats were a funny hit at the tea party last night, as were all the goodies. One guest just kept munching hat after hat, murmuring MMMMMM---Salty and Sweet, Salty and Sweet!

It was a lovely evening, and moire non of that. I so appreciate hearing from all of you!

Southern Lady said...

WE love our "Elf on a Shelf" (Avery named hers "Joey") ... and we especially enjoyed watching the TV show, which I highly recommend to all families with elves.

Beverly said...

Tell Caro that I love her and adore her and think she is a wonder of wonders. Then ask her to please come live with me.

But, please don't tell Rachel. She might not like that I'm trying to take her Caro.


Kim Shook said...

I need JUST such a candy elf to help with all the prep at MY house. I'd like to take Caro, too, Beverly! What a blessing of a daughter you have, Rachel. But you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Racheld, now if I cannot be there for tea could I have a "take out" bag of ALL THOSE GOODIES! just put them on the next plane to Australia! (I wish!) what a lot of work and what a huge lot of wonderful things to eat.....lucky you!

Hugs dear friend Lee-Ann