Monday, December 19, 2011


Just checking in, and hoping everybody's well and warm out there, and enjoying all the wonders of this glorious season.

You know, I've never tried out any of those blogs which list each and every moment of the blogger's life, nor would I EVER inflict such a litany of all our dull doings upon anyone kind and interested enough to visit here.

But, maybe just THIS ONCE:


I've spent the morning holed up in the Cough Corner over there, with a big roll of tissue, the Halls, a soft banky, and the three-hour season finale of SONS OF ANARCHY.

There.   The secret's out.    Well, Y'ALL---it's HAMLET with HARLEYS.   What's not to love?

Perhaps I'll repent when I get all this Nyquil out of my system.

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