Tuesday, December 6, 2011


You know that little sigh of relief you sometimes get when you find that an event or appointment or social gathering---especially company coming--- has been cancelled or postponed, even though you were REALLY looking forward to it?   You know how it feels to simply have the time back, and the evening or day or week to do normal stuff and just let down and not wax the floors this week, or get all those boxes out of the guest room just yet, or not have to wear those Spanx and can take off those uncomfortable shoes in favor of comfy old slippers, and go what-the-heck and plunder the fridge for supper?

That letting go, that leaving off of preparation, that escape from the scurry to get things done in time---that REPRIEVE.   I think I’m in one of those---for our Thanksgiving group had to postpone their trip until after Christmas.   And so, we’ve had the days to put up one of the trees, plus we’re SIMPLIFYING everything this year---especially the décor (less is less and MORE is banished to the storage room).   We’ll have lots of lively young folks filling up the rooms, so we want to clear away all the geegaws and tabletops and sofa-cushions---just to fill the space with good times and plenty of room for the fun stuff.

And I didn’t in ANY way need a reprieve from THEM---I could just scoop up their cheery presences with a SPOON---it’s the fact that I haven’t yet had to move THAT chair to vacuum behind for the stray Poppycock, or run all the clean bankies through a lovely warm freshening cycle, readying all the beds for all the storytimes and sweet sleeps.
Or get this pickup load of stocking-stuffers and bags of books and camping stuff out of the kids’ bedroom.  

So, instead of taking a leisurely pace at the readying, we decided to have a tea-party this coming Sunday.  I’m perfuming the house with Old English and Windex and Pine Sol and Scott’s Liquid Gold, and blessing those little Mr. Clean sponge-thingies, a mighty step-stool for fridge-tops, some big ole pink gloves and an endless coffeepot.

If I don’t faint from the fumes, I’ll see you at the Tea-Table.   One lump or two?

Endive with chevre, dried cherries, and walnuts candied in Port.


Denise :) said...

Yes, yes -- I know *exactly* what you mean! Enjoy your reprieve...and two lumps, please! :)

Keetha said...

I know just what you mean about that sigh of relief. We're hosting a Christmas open house, and I'm so looking forward to it, and the baking I'll do in the next few days. I'm also looking forward to relaxing Sunday evening. :-)

Thanks so much for your popping in, and for your congratulations!

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, this is the first time I have looked at my computer all day. I loved your Good morning message as I read it just now. I'm tired and I needed that greeting very much.

I have been recovering from some very bruised hands because of a flat out fall, hands in front of me to break the face plant I surly would have had on a cement driveway. X-rays showed no broken bones just very painful bruises. A brace on one hand is now off so I am trying to visit again. Sigh! Falling at my age is not a good idea. HA! I have missed you very much. I have mostly re-posted some old posts and now I am up to doing some Christmas posts.

I'm sorry your loved ones had to miss Thanksgiving. I do understand the reprieve so well. Your post says it all. Except you say it with so much heart. I have told you many times how much I love to read your wonderful text. I can identify with you so much. I would love to meet you Rachel. We would be dear friends in a heartbeat.

Love and hugs are sent to you from my heart,

Lori said...

Hello, old egullet-friend Rachel, I so identify with your words here. Yes, and yes. I hope you are well.

Tonja said...

'Less is more and more is banished...' I love it! It's going to be a less is more kinda Christmas around here this year...as far as the decorating goes. And, I think it's gonna be just fine! I end up doing it all anyway. I do love it, but am taking a break this year.

I so understand how wonderful it is to get that reprieve. It's like 'free time' ...that already allotted being handing back....free and clear!

Enjoy your Tea Party....and the joys of the season...however they come to you!

Kouign Aman said...

Yes. That feeling is well known here! We need a word for that feeling. "Relief" doesnt contain the additional feeling that you kind of miss the event itself, just not the stress of preparing for it.

So, this weekend, eh? I'm looking up airfares.... (I wish.)

I hope its lovely wonderful fun, and the prep counts as advance work toward the other stuff to follow - christmas, guests, etc.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Oh yes, we know exactly what you mean here. Indeed, sometimes very naughtily we write events into our diary knowing really from the start that we have little intention of going, in order to have the sense of relief that you write about here when we can cross it through and stay at home instead!!!

Can there be two more places at the tea table? That, we should certainly make sure we turned up for!!!

The endive 'boats' are absolutely fabulous. Such an interestingly creative idea that we are sure looks as good as it tastes.

Beverly said...

Rachel, this all sounds good to me. And, I like the idea of a reprieve. Do you think I can purchase one somewhere?

Now about that coffee. I could use a cup right about now.

Love to you from me, dear Rachel.♥

racheld said...

OH, yes, oh, yes!! You are ALL welcome!! It was a very quiet evening amongst friends (as quiet as six ladies deem necessary when there are stories and catching-ups and new adventures to be told, and the bursts of laughter were delightful).

And even in the frosty night, it was more a Southern Lawn Tea menu than a proper tea---even with the old McCormick Aladdin pouring out, pouring out.

The pictures are ready, and I'll post more today when the delivery-people have all come and gone.


Kim Shook said...

You express it EXACTLY, my dear! It's NOT that you don't miss the people. But it is like stolen time, time that doesn't exist anywhere and you can just BE!

private electric dreams said...

The endive looks delicious, and I am with you in spirit, laughing with the wee ones.