Monday, December 12, 2011



I wish you could have all been right here for our Tea Party yesterday, and when I'm all finished with all the putting away and all the re-tellings of our fun to Sweetpea, I'd love to share some of our evening.

Until . . . Moire Non,


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
As we write, the table is set for Afternoon Tea with friends. Tea brought all the way from England to share with Hungarian friends. Great minds, as they say....!!

racheld said...

How lovely to think of it---you're so far away, presiding at your welcoming table, enjoying the company of friends---THIS MINUTE!

As I while the time til Sweetpea wakes, in just visiting around the magical Internet, all bliss and ignorance of our own tea things and all those platters and bowls---awaiting in the sink.

It's always lovely to have you visit, and I wish you warm and well, my Faraway Friends!


Anonymous said...

Let's see, I think I spy a brie, and smoked...gouda?, a manchego, and a.... Stilton? (Or is it a Danish Blue?)

Did I get any of them correct? I LOVES ME SOME CHEESE PLATE!!!!!! And tea.... it's my personal reward to myself most evenings in Fall and Winter if I get through the day without killing anyone. Most days I succeed.


Southern Lady said...

Caro's little Santa hats are adorable, and I can't wait to hear all about the tea party. Your table looks lovely.

Caro said...


Caro here...for the purposes of this party and a not knowing my audience enough to judge what cheeses I could get away with. ( the Limburger is in my fridge ;-) )On this tray we have pecorino romano, a triple cream brie, Morbier, and gorgonzola. Also included, 2 types of dried figs, apricots,date, green grapes and seckle pears. On the side, not pictured ,a new jars of adriatic fig spread. The morbier had a duskier more ashy rind to it than usual. Leftovers are for tonights cheese course after dinner.

LV said...

What a tasty looking treat you served. On my post, the pizza place is definitely not in Texas. It is Colorado. I was there back in the summer.

Beverly said...

I can hardly wait to read and see all about it.

I am a true cheese lover, too. And, I even love limburger - but my husband curls up and dies if I put in the refrigerator - even if it is wrapped packaged and sealed.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel, Don’t faint, it is really me. I have been so busy with a Christmas party here (35 people) and my Garden Club Christmas party (38 people) Not here but a big deal held at our church. I have been having a grand time decorating our home and enjoying the festivities of these two events. Thank goodness, now I can get back to my friends. I have missed my blog friends so much.

I read all about the wonderful treats that Caro prepared for your Tea. Oh, how I wish I was there for all the wonderful fun the guests had. I am so glad everything was a joyful experience. How could it be anything else? Smile.

This is short because we bowl today. Our life is very full and lots of good times. Just like yours. We are blessed.
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Love the cheese plate, of course. I've never forgotten the lovely plate that Caro did for the Sunday brunch at your house when we were there!