Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Coffee area set up by Chris last Saturday, for the arrival of our friends Ben and Lil for breakfast. 

They’d asked several times, “Please try to get a Decker and save it for us---we’ve heard SO much about them.”    Perhaps it was the long dry spell which languished their growth, for they’re usually totally gone by the last day of July, but we were lucky to find two lovely ones.    This one seems to have saved its splendor just for Ben, whose amazement and delight in all those seeds-for-next-year were good to see, and the flavor---as always, perfection.

He strewed the smiles with the huge blueberries from their bushes at home.

Eggs from their little farmer-lady's hens, right down the road from their house in Virginia.  Does the sight of big ole mis-matched brown eggs just make you want to get out a skillet RIGHT NOW??   There's even one pretty little pale-green araucana down there on the right.    They were absolutely fabulous---deep-orange-yolked beauties, and though they'd brought them for making the zucchini bread, a gently fried one apiece was a MUST for breakfast.

And when we came home from dinner the night before, I’d pointed out the little local Panaderia, and since they’d wintered in FAR south Texas, right on the border, they were delighted to see those fantastic pastries almost within smelling distance right here, and so they stopped for a bag on the way over for breakfast.  Are these YOUR kind of guests, or WHAT?

Little golden sticks of that rich Alabama Hoop Cheese in the bowl.

Table set with all the goodies, and the new/vintage Watertown Lifetime dishes Chris brought home last week.   I'd said ,"Please don't bring ANYTHING ELSE FROM A FLEA MARKET into this house until NEXT YEAR!"    But, after all, it IS Fifties plastic, and cheery as all get-out.

An odd little bun-fellow---yeasty and slightly sweet, with the crunch of sugar on top.   It looks to me like a rosy-throat Loves-me-not daisy, discarded after the petal-charm.

Lil's plate---LOOK at that yolk---the deep, rich orange outshining both melon and cheese.

A leisurely breakfast, then on to cooking and canning out the fig preserves, whilst Ben made five loaves of zucchini bread:

And of those, and the preserved figs, moire non.


Kim Shook said...

You asked: "Does the sight of big ole mis-matched brown eggs just make you want to get out a skillet RIGHT NOW??" Yes, ma'am, it does. A skillet - not a saute pan - a SKILLET! And after I fry up some bacon or some rich, sage-y sausage and then I want to fry those eggs in some of that fat. I love eggs of all sorts and eat them happily morning, noon and night. But the FIRST thing I want to do with a batch of eggs like that is fry 'em!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMM...
Mo :-)