Friday, August 19, 2011


It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m still behind on posting our friends’ visit, and all our moments seem to have been in the kitchen or at the table.

At Sunday Breakfast, we had a quiet hour before they went off to the Fair for the day.   In amongst all the other fruits and vegetables from their garden, they’d brought three IMMENSE blackberries, just to show us the size of their crop.   In all my picking and jamming days, I’ve never seen such beauties:

We’d forgotten to put out the cheese plate the night before, so we made a little dish with a cylinder of Brie and a tip-wedge of rich, tangy Butterkaase.   (This is a 7 1/2" SALAD plate, so you can see how enormous the berries are).

We had scrambled eggs, topped with tri-color peppers, onions, cheese and bacon—sorta an inside-out omelet.

More Decker melon and their blueberries, one of the tastiest, most beautiful combinations in the fruit world:

Leftover Pastries:

The fig preserves scrapings from the pot---the rich, thick fudgy rings that form as the pot bubbles.  You always put that last little bit in a bowl to have at the very next meal, even if it's supper.   Delicious with the cheeses and also a bite of Paminna Cheese.

Just above and to the left are two loaves of zucchini bread---one that we made, and a darker, moister loaf which he’d made at home and brought for comparison.

You can see the loaves better in this picture---the whole thing looks as if we were breakfasting by candlelight.


Tonja said...

Beautiful! And yummy looking, too. That melon and blueberries...divine!

Kim Shook said...

Lovely meal! Sharing a kitchen and creating meals together is just exactly my idea of a perfect visit with good friends. We have the RIGHT kind of friends, don't we?