Tuesday, April 20, 2010


And how big the World.

There’s a SOMETHING in the air this morning---a sense of anticipation, I think, for we are awaiting news of a new arrival very soon. There is a little cool to the outdoors, with the sun streaming down the stairs and the breath of the breeze following along, with a still-in-the-forties linger which brings out the floofy socks and just one more cup of coffee.

We got great and wonderful things accomplished yesterday---all the laundry done, with a dozen new cotton T’s for Chris, six black and six red, which he wears daily beneath his denim shirts. All the older fresh-washed ones folded into a bag for Goodwill, and all the news into the drawer. I always circulate everything new through the washer and dryer---socks (a dozen new pairs, ditto) and all cottons. We’ve used “pink-top”---we call it that even on the grocery list---since Our Littlest was born, and we like it for our laundry as well. It’s Purex Ultra for Baby, it does a great job, everything smells line-fresh, and it suits us just fine.

I just have babies on my mind today, with that little tingle of just-can’t-wait and the sense of great responsibility and awe that a new life in the family brings. So much care and so much joy and so much to teach them and learn from them.

One of the sweetest things I ever knew a Mama to say was something I read years ago. A woman was visiting her neighbor, whose two-year old interrupted their conversation several times, not impolitely or insistently, but with little moments and items and ideas he was eager to share.

When the Mom had come back to the table for about the third time from a little trip to see something with her child, the neighbor mentioned that she certainly was an attentive Mom.
The lady said, “Well, I brought him into the World. The least I can do is let him show it to me.”

How lovely a thing it must be to see everything fresh and new through a child’s eyes!! How much wonder and interest and sheer joy in the looking, the taking in, the watching of things; how much fun in the touching and the trying-out and the tasting and the use.

I don’t EVER want to outgrow that. I work on it every day, and even on the days that my old knees are protesting and my back has mentioned several times that it would be prudent not to get down in the grass, I realize that bending low and looking close, like for the very first time, with fresh young eyes to guide me, is the most wonderful view in the world.


Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel, thank you for the lovely comment about my post and our 47th wedding anniversary. Your words mean so much to me. You are a friend whose opinion is important to me.

As always, your post is a great read and I agree that the world is small. We need to keep our lives fresh and new and see things like a child. It keeps our perspective alert and open to all things bright and beautiful. New life is one of those wonders that should always be that way. My parents taught us to look for the good and not the bad in all things. Especially people. Life is happier and full of fun if we can look at life in a positive way. Wow, I didn't mean to go on... I guess you touched my heart with your lovely points of view.

Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Jeanne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a dear thing for someone to say about their child..and how true. I sometimes feel like I "rushed" through my babies childhood...but things were as they were and sadly I cannot do it all over again. But..I can try and keep my own childrens and grandchildren's eyes open. They seem to be doing a much better job than I did.
I love this post!

Southern Lady said...

This one struck close to home, Rachel. I love seeing the world through Avery's eyes and showing it to her through mine, too. There's nothing like the sheer joy and wonderment in her eyes when experiencing or seeing something for the first time -- whether it's just making a cake or seeing a baby chameleon up close.

I pray everything goes well with your newest little one's entrance into this wonderful world of ours. I know he or she is already blessed having you as a grandmother.

racheld said...

I spend a while every day, looking up into that gigantic, magical tree, which was one of the reasons we bought the house.

Something about Spring up here---in the South, I was accustomed to an EARLY Spring---even in February, leaves and flowers were showing their little efforts, gently coming into their own as the sun altered course and warmed them each day. The plants were rather meditative, I thought, with a way of taking their time, swelling and growing and just soaking up life from the ground and the sun.

A whole Summer of bloom and leaf stretched out, with a long-lasting Fall to keep their course, and the bearing season was full and rich and long.

Up here, things just seem to KNOW that the time will be short, and they just sort of JUMP out of the ground, seeking the warmth and growing like mad. One day, a glance at our own small subscribed horizon around the yard reveals drab, sere sticks with a far-view reaching through the angles.

Next day, the pale tint of green is a shadow on everything, and suddenly, leaves are shusshing and the little ears are budding out and it's all making a dash for its life, to absorb and swell and grow before the too-soon cold comes.

And I think the burst of this Spring, to be seen almost in fast-motion, is even more rewarding, as it's nearly like fluttering the pages of a picture-book, to see the images change color and form, with the little dog running through the gate and home.

And standing with my neck cricked far-far back, looking up into the universe of this great tree---that's like looking way far through a telescope into a world not traveled yet.

Keetha said...

Oh, Rachel. This may be one of my favorite posts by you ever, and that's saying something.

My dear son is eight and he still loves to show me things and I still delight to see around me through his eyes.

Thanks for this: "I brought him into this world. The least I can do is let him show it to me."

How wonderful and lucky those words make me feel to be a mom!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

How precious it much be for that child to know their Mom cares enough to listen and see through their eyes. Thanks for sharing this with us, too often we forget and tell the child to be quite and don't interrupt.
Hope you have a great day and all your dreams and wishes come true.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, as usual it is late at night before I find time for my visits. I'm glad you enjoyed my post today. The carpet of flowers is gorgeous. Our days seem so busy with the yard needing attention. Before I know it bedtime draws near.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Hugs, Jeanne

Penny said...

Hi Rachel, This was a timely post for me. We just found out that we are going to be grandparents again with the baby due about Christmas. The kids have not announced it to the world yet, but we are so excited for Rachel to have a brother or a sister. I have been enjoying your blog.