Thursday, April 15, 2010


A little girl in a big yellow plastic tub, her curls swept up with my wet hands; bobby pins from my own updo tooth-opened as I gathered up her goldy-brown hair.

A green watering can used to fill and pour, re-cycling the tub water back in upon itself, over and over; giggles as the pour ventures out upon the sidewalk; request with PLEASE for more water when the tub's level grows low.

A breakfast-for-three with an unaccustomed cereal box on the table---I don’t remember having cereal in years; I bought this because I thought we might, though we’ve eaten it only as a snack from a tiny Tupperware while communing with such as Grover and Elmo and Bert. Soft, butter-sizzled hot-dog-bun toast, smeared with a tiny slick of peach/apricot jam---a new squatty-pot thing from Smucker’s, and WOW Good.

A little bowl of strawberries, a few sticks of still-creamy Cheddar carved from the big Sam’s block; coffee in my sky-blue cup set down beside me as I sat right here at this desk five minutes after rising. The rumble of Chris’ voice during the Blessing, as we reach our hands out and hold tight, hold tight. 
A long walk round the neighborhood, with two red leashes---Girl and Pup, who both ran and chuckled all the way, stopping only to consult the grass, a rock, the customary fire hydrant (girl, not dog---she's fond of reading the letters all the way around. The other day as we rounded the corner and the tall yellow post hove in sight, she called out, "There you are!! I've MISSED you!" and ran and threw her arms around it). And guess what lucky Granny came home with dogpoo in her pocket.

Clothes on the neighbor’s line, like sails of a tall ship, but better, for they connote not travel for adventure, but the keeping of the Where You Are.

Clothes---anything just-washed---flapping on the line; that SO celebrates a Spring day, as much as daffodils.

What I imagine to be a very small bird is, for the first time ever in my hearing, actually saying Tweet Tweet in an ascending octave of sound. It’s a fairy-tale scale come to life over yonder in that tallest tree, and punctuates the already-full morning with almost more brightness than can be safely borne all at once.

I think of a word I don’t believe I’ve ever used---certainly not in conversation, I don’t think---but it fits: the liquescence of that melody is beyond mere music. It’s also color and sound and the sun through the trees.

There’s a surfeit to this day---a Gracious Plenty. The yard’s ringed round with green---spin in a circle and you’ll see every shade there is. The house, the garage, the hedges and trees wall us into this great bore of sun down into this small well of US. We’re set down deep, deep, in this big yellow tub of sun, and you could almost drown in the light and the music and the IS.

And what brights YOU today?


Chesapeake said...

Two grands for lunch, but oh, my, I don't remember the oldest grand being that active; I thought I remembered being able to teach her to watch the butterfly instead of flying behind TRYING to catch her!

Still just loved having them around to brighten the already glorious day!

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, my cousin left today and I am free to be on my computer again. I'm sorry I have been MIA. smile.

This story is what brightened my day. How very precious that you shared it with us.

My grands always brighten my day. Each summer we have grand kids week. We stack them up like cord wood and there isn't a sleeping space left in the house or cabin. The moms and sometimes the dads come too. The count is about twenty for three meals a day. Chaos is the average day. It is the most fun ever. Each day we plan an adventure. Sheer magic when my darlings are here. All but the youngest will be teens this summer. That will be a new experience. The best part of all...they never fight. They are so happy to just be together. Fair warning...the third week in June I will not be blogging. LOL.

Enjoy your day.
Hugs, Jeanne

Indy Cookie said...

Seeing a post from my favorite blogger definitely "brights" my day but one on each blog nearly blinds a girl!
Of course there are 3 very bright-eyed young fellas that brighten my life. Sleep-overs at Gams was the theme for this week and I am near done in. I take them one at a time these days so I can give them my undivided attention (honestly, it's so I can keep up).

Maggie McArthur said...

How perfectly you captured the bliss of a transcendent "ordinary" day, Rachel. And ladies, one and all may I say how jealous I am of your "Grands" -- is that a Southern locution? I like it.

racheld said...

AWWW, Chesapeake!! What a great day we had, you and I---I fondly remember ONE glorious day in the company of your beautiful, brilliant eldest Grand.


Your June Week sounds like some of ours, though not quite so many at a time---we'll have the GA clan here as soon as school's out, for several weeks---they'll divide their time between here and the other GParents an hour south of here.


Thank You, Sweetpea!! I didn't know if anyone ever even looked in on DITC---there's no counter on it and hardly ever any comments. I'm delighted that you look in and enjoy---Sis and I are gonna get them together into a story---all the folks of Paxton---shouldn't take but about twelve more get-togethers every few months, I don't think.

And three little guys for sleepovers! I TOTALLY get the one-at-a-time. Our Girl's Mammaw takes all three of her Grands almost every weekend---but she's WAY younger than I.

Maggie---I think you and I "cross-posted" as I was just there a split second before I came here. C&C today was my favorite of ALL TIME! You just express comfort and happiness in the most simple, glowing terms, and find them such wonderful places and everyday things.

Magnifique, Madame!!

And thank Y'All SO much!!!

And Maggie---probably it is---I just had a whole brainstorm of spin from that; stay tuned to LT next week.

Kouign Aman said...

Today was brightened by a little girl glowing as she recounted her first kung fu class, and that she 'learned something on the VERY FIRST day!". By same small girl making tissue paper flowers and twisting them onto pipecleaner stems to fill a small jug and decorate our piano w 'spring'. It was a beautiful day in so many dimensions.

The water play - its a wonder. I get the bathroom sink cleaned for me each night now. It takes her about 15 min and rather more water than is appropriate in a low rainfall state. I figure I'll save extra water somewhere else. Its worth it.

Southern Lady said...

YOU brighten my days, Rachel ... with your stories about everyday life ... and the simple pleasures of life, especially those times spent with our little ones. There's nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child to lift your spirits and make your heart sing. Thank you for sharing the blessings of YOUR bright day with us.

Keetha said...

This story brightened my day. I love that and will think about it today and each time I'm so laundry to see laundry on a clothesline. Thank you!

Kim Shook said...

Oh, Rachel! Like so many above, YOU bright me. How I needed this post today. Things came to a head Friday with The Child's situation and friends and family descended like a SWAT team and moved her out in about 8 hours. I am sitting in my house surrounded by assorted boxes and household junk. My guest room is now her room again and the grandkitty's litterbox is in the bathroom. But my girl and her Jonah are safe and I come here to Lawn Tea and you have taken me out of all the stress and reminded me, as you always do to see the magic in every day. Thank you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your writing style is lovely. I enjoyed this post very much.

racheld said...

Thank you all, so very much!! It's so lovely to look in and see all the comments, and such kind ones, as well.

I so appreciate seeing you appear, and look forward to the next day and the next.