Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Cake by Aunt Caro
(Click on it to look closer)

Our Littlest has arrived, and they're all well and healthy. He's the first grandson of this generation to bear the family name, and we're all just so glad that everything went well, and he's HERE.

Chris asked if we shouldn't go out and celebrate, and instead, we spent a quiet evening at home, a bowl of homemade Egg-Drop soup our celebratory meal, and big glasses of sweet tea our champagne.

We're thrilled and humbled by the vast treasure entrusted to us, and will be going to visit in a couple of weeks, as soon as Mother and Baby are up to a visit.

I thank you all for your inquiries and prayers and good wishes---sharing this news with you is a wonderful part of this blessing.


Keetha said...

Oh, HON! Congratulations! That's such happy news. I'm excited for you. Blessings.

racheld said...

Thank you, Keetha!!

I'm sure you could regale me with lots of BOY stories!!

Indy Cookie said...

My dear friend I am SO happy for you all!! God Bless the lil'est grand. I am anxious for your words describing that first face to face with him...I'll be storing up tissue in preparation. Sending you happy hugs across the ether of the internet!

Kat said...

How exciting! Congratulations!


Tonja said...

Dear Friend,
What a blessing! All safe and sound and healthy. Does it not just fill your heart almost to bustin' when you realize that this child is loved by so many. That he will always know love and safety and security. He has more blessing than many ever do even on Day 1 of life.
That is such a hiumbling thought to me. Today, I was able to keep JT, Joy's grandbaby. It was so delicious! And, I was thinking those same thoughts about him. God Bless

Southern Lady said...

What happy, happy news, my friend! I'm so glad to hear he's here and all is well.

I, too, look forward to your story of the "first time ever you see his face." What wonderful blessings you all have in store for you.

Bev said...

Congrats!! Wonderful news

Cape Coop said...

Oh, the sailor suits and blue to come! Congratulations to all of you, I so envy you the experience of grands! What a lucky little boy he is to have you for his very own "ganner" or whatever moniker he shall bestow upon your golden self!

Kouign Aman said...

Wonderful news!

racheld said...

Oh, Thank you!!! Thank you all for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime moment, as we welcome a small one who will weave his own threads into our family tapestry.

We're so grateful and so humble to accept this gift, and will do everything we can to do our part in his life.

I cannot write of him just yet, of height and weight and eyes and hair color---it's still too tender and fragile a spot in our hearts, so filled with the magic of this special thing we've been given.

And Rebecca---I don't know how you hit upon it, unless I've written of it before, but Ganner is Chris' Grand-Dad name, bestowed by our Gracie when she lived with us. It started as GrandDear, and of course was re-done by her sweet baby voice.

We'll have her and the rest of the Georgia clan here as soon as school's out, for a couple of weeks, and then we'll go South to meet our New (as he's been referred to in every prayer and Blessing-at-meals since we've known of his coming).

We'd always say "Amen" and then hold out our hands, in successively larger little cup-nests, as he grew, and now, we hold out our arms to hold him.

Kim Shook said...

Oh, Rachel, what a wonderful post to read today! I know you and Chris are just bursting with joy and anxious to see and touch and sniff the little man! Bless you all!

Kim Shook said...

Oh, I forgot. Tell Caro her 'cake' is adorable!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, Yes, in all the excitement, I overlooked Caro's precious cake! ... She is very talented, like her mama.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

This is a tiny grandson? I am now having greats...and I find that amazing! I wonder if many live to see great, greats!.. Take lots of pictures when you go...lots!!