Friday, October 9, 2009



And Hi, Y'all!!

I'm SO pleased to have so many people dropping by today---I had no idea WHY, until I heard from PAM that we'd been randomly chosen by FOODIE BLOGROLL as one of the featured sites of the day.

What a lovely surprise, and I hope everyone will enjoy the visit. This blog is of and about the American South, of my generation a few decades back, of my learning to cook and cater and my love for hearth and home and kitchen and kin. The pictures in the posts below blow up REALLY big when you click them---I'm just learning to post pictures; my words have been my paintbox for so long, I'm new to all the bells and whistles of blogging.

There are recipes, little tutorials or how-to lessons on little things I've learned to make things easier or more convenient or enjoyable in the kitchen. This week we've roasted peppers, picked home-grown tomatoes, shown off old teapots, commisserated with a little one whose chicken had lost his voicebox, and talked about a brick inscribed LOVE and its importance in my school days.

I do hope you'll feel at home here, and though this is short notice and a delightful surprise, I bid you welcome and Godspeed until your return.

Thank you for dropping in,


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Tonja said...

If all the visitors find what I do in your writing, you will have a lot of folks returning! Whatever you choose to discuss in your blog, it always touches some memory or feeling that I may have long forgotten. You stir my memories and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you!