Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The weather brought our brunch indoors, but it was a cheery gathering, with lots of talk and good food.

A salute to the last of Summer fruits---melon with strawberries, pineapple, grapes and some lovely small sweet plums (I don’t think we got a picture of the fruit---this one is similar, made for a party last year. I’d not yet strewn the tray with the plushy apricots---they lent a golden light to the whole thing, luminous and translucent).

Chris did his wonderful several-hour ham on the grill, along with some luscious grilled pineapple spears. (I will confess, we’ve called it by another name, for our two-year old Grand and I have been studying shapes, and she immediately christened it “tri-apple.” So we’ll be saying that for a while, in the way Grandparents tend to do).

The quiche took a towering turn---everybody came running to OHHH and AHHHH when it came out of the oven---I don’t know WHAT made it get all above itself like that, proud and puffed up---I made it exactly as always---eggs, Pet milk, minced ham, steamed broccoli, cheese and grape tomatoes. Anyway, they called it “soufflĂ©” and I didn’t let on. The one in back is the Egg-Beaters version, with LF cheese, and had finished its bake a while before the big one---it's settled in upon itself, possibly humbled by the grandeur of its companion.

There was a little plate of lox cream cheese with plain bagels and a plate of thin onion and tomato---for those who like fish for breakfast---it’s Chris’ idea of Brunch in Heaven.

And some of the usual party fare which everyone expects to see on the table---the jalapeno/ green onion rolls in tomato tortillas and the veggie rolls with grated carrot, red bell pepper and laid-in baby spinach leaves in spinach wraps.

Some chicken salad croissants, made the Southern way, with apple and pecans.

Kahlua brownies---I’ve not baked many heavy items this Summer, and these were rich and velvety, with that little hit of coffee on your tongue, and the toasted pecans from the trees on the “place” in Mississippi.

A small cheese plate with Morbier, a bleu, a peppery Brie, a deep rich golden Cheddar, and a tip-wedge of Parmigiano Regiano---I love a crumb or two of that WITH dessert---the flavor depths seem to intensify each other---the rich tang of the cheese with a sweet bite of pastry or chocolate. The picture shows them before arranging---they'd been huddled together so as to fit under the little dome.

And half-size pastries from Caro’s bakery, still warm in the box when she brought them in. There are raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple (my favorite) and apple butter.

We ate and drank and talked, with cheery conversations continuing out and down the drive; I can only suppose that we all spent the afternoon in a cozy carb coma.
PS If anyone's interested in recipes, sing out and I'll post them on over in the week.


Anonymous said...

You have come into your own with these wonderful photos - wish we lived close!! Recipes-yes please. You and Chris are great!

Indy Cookie said...

How lovely! One of Mr Concweet's favorite fruits is "triangles" - due to the shape of the pieces of musk melon we slice for him. Grilled "tri-apples" is one of my favorites!

Tonja said...

I wrote a very silly post today about my adventure making acorn shaped muffins...I was quite proud! Still am, really. :) And then, I read about all this wonderful, delicious, aroma laden FOOD...and I just had to laugh out loud at myself! It really shows the high and low of the culinary art, I think! And, I know for sure which one I am!
It also puts me in mind of what differing talents we all have. How God blessed some of us with the ability to take 'a little of this and a pinch of that' and make something so delicious! And, some of us are so happy when we find a product that says 'JUST ADD WATER'!!! You know which cheeses enhance the foods you prepare...and I know American and Swiss...and Velveeta!
Isn't it grand that He made us all to be like no one else but ourselves? I'm still chuckling!

racheld said...

Amen, Sweetpea!!! We are all one and all different.

I loved your acorns, and will comment when we get through with supper---Chris is still out at a class this cold night, and will be on in an hour or so. I've got a smithch of supper ready---pilaf with peas and some tilapia to do in the quick pan with lime when he arrives.

And Anonymous---are you the same YOU as yesterday? I hope you will uncloak so I can meet you properly, but you are quite welcome as your demure self until you are ready.


We LOVED Waterman's on Sunday afternoon!! Got lots of pumpkins and rode the haywagon twice. The pictures of our Girl trying to lug TWO pumpkins out by their handles is priceless!! I hope you and Mr. Concweet had as good a time as we.

Tri-apples is sort of apropos, because her Dada called it eye-papple when he was her age.

~~louise~~ said...

Well hello there Rachel. Now, I know how you have been spending your time. I do love brunches you know and yours looks absolutely fabulous. I wouldn't know where to begin but then isn't that what brunches are; lazy bites here and there puffed with the anticipation of savory words and delectable dainties.

I need to add you to my blog list. It's been way to long...Thanks for sharing. Any leftovers?

Anonymous said...

Of course we all would like the recipes. Sounds like a good time was had by all. The pictures made our mouths water. We could dub you Martha of the South.

Janie in Texas

racheld said...

Hello, there, Louise!! It's been quite a while since our picnic, and now the weather would allow only a plaid-blanket tailgate, I'm afraid. It's been really raw windy here today, with flurries forecast for Friday.

And Janie---I'm always so glad to hear from you!! I've been a Martha all my life, in the kitchen or putting together trays or meals. I'm just a born caretaker, I guess; I'm the counter-wiper, the nanna-puddin' bringer, the stay-at-your-house-to-receive-the-food-brought-in person. It's served me well, all this serving, I think.

Bread on the waters, and I didn't even know I was casting any.

racheld said...

PS Louise:

The leftovers went home with everybody---I should own stock in Glad Boxes.

But we could get together at my big old black stove and make up some more any time.