Sunday, September 18, 2016


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I’ve just been rocking all morning, after reading Debbi’s post on Shagging on the Pier.   Still got the music going in the background while I’m writing---consider all typos a product of energy and rockin’ in my chair.

I just LOVE the idea of this---the night air, the energy, the music ringing out over the ocean, and all that fun and foot action.   I first heard of Shaggin’ on the Beach about twenty years ago, when Chris’ Sis and her new husband took Shag Dancing lessons and then went to gatherings all over NC.   It just seemed like the funnest thing, ever---going out with your partner, having such a wonderful talent in common, with the free-hearted steps and movements as effortless and easy together as breathing. 

I think of those long-ago, fun evenings often now, with a bit of gentle dolor, for that dear, young-hearted couple have since taken in and adopted FIVE of her daughter’s children, each as they were born, and and are now raising this second set of kiddos, ages eighteen to five, with all the attendant school and soccer and all the other joys and problems of parenthood---at OUR AGE, with grandchildren older than the younger ones.

They’re our Heroes, and they’re in my prayers and thoughts every day, with all this later-in-life burden and blessing they’ve taken on, embracing it with all of their dear kind hearts.  I like to think that they take a moment, now and then when a familiar song comes on, to lose themselves in a spin around the kitchen in that effortless, easy grace.

And I still think of them as dressed and shining, all that energy and rhythm and music filling the evening breeze in that happy gathering.   As they DANCE.


BeachGypsy said...

Way cooooooooooool!!---you know beach music and shagging too! Loved your post so much and the amazing photo too and i linked right back up with you! This stuff the kids have today...well it's just not music, to me anyway. Alot of it isn't even a "happy" sound that makes you want to be carefree and young and to tap your feet and get up to dance and sway and twist and twirl----it's such angry sounding stuff. I know all generations are different but to me music and dancing should be happy events. Loved reading your family memories and so glad you enjoyed my post. Did you see the 84 year old couple---you could just tell they had been dancing together for years and years and had that trust that had been there since they were young---so sweet to see. And you could tell they were having so much fun, just loved to see that.

donna baker said...

I'd love to learn how to do those old dances.

Chronica Domus said...

Dearest Racheld,

I've never heard of shag dancing, but take it from a Brit, the word "shag" has a completely different connotation across the pond. Never tell anyone there you've shagged on a pier, heavens!

Patsy said...

New to me but sure looks like fun.

bj said...

I've never heard of Shag dancing...we used to go with our parents when they'd go dancing at our local roller rink, when I was a young girl...couldn't wait to go with a beau of my own...and we did...lots of fun at dances most of my life. We no longer go...don't know why...the places to dance are usually full of liquor and stuff....we finally just stopped going.

Susie said...

I like to think about my parents dancing. Mom loved to and dad had to have a couple cocktails before he would. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

GSL said...

That is the official dance of every Frathouse Kegger in the Carolinas. I grew up with a guy who was for a time the lead singer for The Drifters.

Beverly said...

My heart is full. Thank God they are there to love and nurture those sweet young souls.

I went to school in Charleston, and we spent many evenings dancing on the pier at Folly Beach. I can close my eyes and smell the ocean, feel the breeze and rhythm of the music. The Tams were my favorite.

Jeanne said...

Well Rachel, I have never been Shag dancing but Bill and I love to dance. More rock and roll kind of dancing and lots of slow dancing. The scene on the dock is terrific. My parents loved to dance as well.

My sister helped raised two of her grands for the past 10 years. I so admire anyone who would adopt five children and raise them at any age. It is not easy and the wonderful blessing of such a caring and loving commitment gives children a chance to have a wonderful life that every child deserves. My prayers and blessings go out to such wonderful people.

Sending you and yours happy Fall wishes.
Love, Jeanne