Monday, March 14, 2016


A sweet note from Jeanne made me want to post a BLUE MONDAY item, and so I sorta turned the wheel, went into the thousands of photo archives, and the very first one I stopped on was this.

It’s an ordinary little moment, exactly five years ago today, of Sweetpea and her Ganner, sharing a tiny bit of Afternoon Tea after her nap. It’s sorta out of focus, sorta wonky-framed, a whole lot where-did-those-years-go, and wish I could live them again.

My very first Blue Monday for Jeanne. Happy Day to all.



Latane Barton said...

aw, what sweet memories for a blue Monday.

LV said...

Welcome to Blue Monday. It is a wonderful meme to participate in.

Jeanne said...

Dearest friend, Thank you for posting today. I have Sally's great smile all over my face. This is a darling photo and I too wonder how the years are passing me by so quickly. Life is like that, especially when life is happy and we don't want to miss a thing.

Blessings and love,

racheld said...


racheld said...

Of Course, you were, Darlin' Man!! Thank you for dropping in, and come home safe!!