Tuesday, March 29, 2016


My staunch, Stalwart Tree, tallest for miles, with skin like a polished gray lizard and home to birds and squirrels and chipmunks.

She’s a great noble HERO of a tree, about to burst once again into the GREEN of Spring, shadowing half the yard for a cool retreat to haven in for Summer.

Just thinking about Heroes, and having done quite a few additions to my long list, a recounting for this End of March and beginning of New Things:

You know I’ve been a reader all my life, with books such a great part of the Who I Am, and though I DO know fiction from fact most days, I’m just posting a list of the folks who, by dint of character or spirit or heroic dedication or plain old good company or sheer brain power---though I think I might not LIKE a few of them, I’d still want on MY SIDE, when I needed them.   They’re all IN IT, Banner and Blade:

Charlie Allnut

Samwise Gamgee

Briene of Tarth

Samwell Tarley
Ree Dolly
Gus and Woodrow

 Mal Reynolds and all the crew of Serenity
Atticus Finch
Tom Joad
Quigley--Orrin Sackett---Jesse Stone--Frank Reagan--Thomas Magnum
Catniss Everdeen

Lisbeth Salander
 Merry and Pippin

Leon the Professional


Neville Longbottom

Walt, Henry,Vic, Ferg, and {Hector} 
"Red" Redding 

Alan Shore, Red Reddington, Dembe Zuma 

Reese and Finch, Shaw, Root, Elias, and Marconi
Donovan Livingston

  Chuck Norris (and would HE not have made a splendid REACHER, for all 20+ movies, had the time been right)
Jessica Jones
Foggy Nelson
Miss Shambala Green or anybody played by Lorraine Toussaint 
Barney, Christmas, Trench, Gunnar 'n' 'em
Atticus Finch
Tom Joad
Marge the Cop 
Jaqen H'ghar
Opie Winston
Wile E. Coyote
Gunny Bricker
J.B. Fletcher

Raylan Givens (or perhaps just his hat)
Boyd Crowder

Penelope Garcia

Dr. Spencer Reid

Andy Dufresne

John Coffey--Paul Edgecombe--Brutal
 Nero, Jax, Bobby-Elvis, Tig, Chibs, and Miss Venus van Dam

Vincent/Hellboy/Clay Morrow

Ben Matlock/Andy Taylor
Lt. Dan 
Aibilene Clark
Andy Sipowicz

Vergil Tibbs
Louis Litt
Bobby Goren

Inigo Montoya


Idgie Threadgoode

Rooster Cogburn
Michael Westen and Fi
Summer Glau
Clarice and Hannibal

Mags Bennett

Randall McMurphy

Jack Burton
The Goonies

Luke Danes
Jo March

Mammy at Tara

Edgar Roy




Clete Purcell

Ignatius J. Reilly

The Hound

Peter and Elizabeth Burke-best marriage on TV
Jeeves, though in our last days, we'd hope for the comfort of a Hoke  

Lorelai Gilmore

Frank Drebbin

Elizabeth Bennet  

Those four teenage boys, strangers to me, who surrounded me suddenly on a silent Eighties street, emerging from the dimness, walking around me like a phalanx of Palace Guards as I passed barred stores and grim faces in the dark, then melted away when I was safely locked in my car and on my way.

And, of course, the realest “Character” there is.   Chris.


donna baker said...

Well I did know a few of them Rachel. I must have forgotten some of the others and the rest, no clue. Got back to the farm today so something good is coming your way.

Latane Barton said...

Wow, you have a ton of heroes. And, I did recognize a few but most I did not. You made me wonder who would make my heroes list.

Patsy said...

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a Tree.
My trees on post were Cherry Trees
they look white in the sun light but are pink.

BeachGypsy said...

Nice big old strong tree there!! Saw several of my heroes too there in your list!

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I never know if I should spell your name Racheld. Tell me which you prefer. I think Racheld is a beautiful name. I really want to know. Smile!!!

Thank you for your always colorful and sweet comment on my posts. You are so dear to me.

I have to say your list of heroes is long and I get some but not all of them. Heroes from books, the movies and TV. made me smile. Then there are your real heroes and I agree that Chris is the top of your list. I agree. I have to mention that 'Reacher' did surprise me. What did you think of Tom Cruise playing Reacher? Loved the movie but Reacher's charactor does not fit short, white, Tom Cruise. Smile. We listen to Reacher's stories on tape. One of my faves is Scarlot O'Hara. And mammy too of course.
Your list was fun to read and I read it twice.

I too love your beautiful tree. The shade from that huge tree must be awesome.

We worked in our yard and garden for five hours today. There is still a lot to do but it sure felt good. It was cold outside today and windy and cold tonight. Our dogwoods are about to bloom. I love them and there is plenty all around us. They grow wild in the woods and we have several in our yard. My sister has a pink one. It is a late bloomer though.

Happy week to you and yours my sweet friend.
Love, Jeanne

GSL said...

That's quite a list Dear Rachel! I just missed Lee Child when he was in town doing research as he made my local his 2nd home. He even gave one of the UK Dailies (Telegraph I believe) a huge plug to my 2nd Home The Red Lion Pub.
We kindreds only say 'The Hound'

Cheryl said...

Loved seeing your lovely tree! It is always a joy to visit with you here, sweet friend. God bless you!

Kim S. said...

Ahhhh…to have a shade tree in summer. When my granddaddy subdivided his property and the old log cabin and its tree came down, Grandma Jean and I missed the tree more than the house. We have some neighbors who cut down every tree in their yard when they moved in. I said, “they are going to fry come summer”. And they do!

That’s some list. Even the smart guy at my house had trouble with some of them!