Friday, October 16, 2015


The cure for anything is salt water:  Sweat, tears, or the sea.
                  Isak Dinesen

Thank you to all of you who have asked about a “REVEAL” of our new kitchen; it’s nice to know you’re interested.   I have no idea why I’m taking so long---I DO find myself lingering over the simplest tasks, with the spray-and-wipe of those pristine white counters taking on the significance of WAY more than sanitation.  I think all this slow contemplative enjoyment has slowed my entire outlook---not in a dreary way, or a don’t-look-forward way, but perhaps in a contentment with things just now, pushing off small want-tos for a little while.

I just tell myself I want the photos to be just right, or the angles, or what about those pink utensils that are in the dishwasher at the moment---wouldn’t it be best to wait for those for the pictures?  Or, you know---this vase of roses is several days old; might better wait for a new bouquet for best effect. 

The sun through these curtains with their silky pink roses and sharp green leaves is simply glorious, but eludes capture, somehow, with so much of the glow and the outline of the matching real leaves moving in the breeze outside escaping in the translucent haze of the gauzy cloth.

Caro has been collecting pink SALT for me---mostly for the effect, of course, and the salad-dressing-prep marble is now quite colourful, with all the lovely glints of pink.  Some of them I haven’t used yet, but I’m tempted to make a batch of dark chocolate truffles or some rich fudge, just for the sake of scattering a grain or two of that bright SEE-Salt atop---wouldn't that be pretty?

The time will come---I do not flatter myself that there’s a bated breath in the house, for it’s so totally inconsequential in the Scheme of Things. The asking is a lovely compliment, and it BRIGHTS me, as does this Sweet 'n' Low Pink kitchen, planned since I was six.   

Moiré non,


Val said...


Kathy said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your pretty pink kitchen. Don't worry about making it perfect for the pictures. We all will love it with or without all the pink utensils.

Mari said...

A new kitchen is so exciting! I scrolled down and saw your fridge and must admit to a tinge of jealousy. :)

Patsy said...

You are one HAPPY LADY! Isn't it a joy to really have something to be so
We went to a new (to us) store Wednesday just exploring around our new home. I saw pink salt for the first time. When did this happen?? I should have gotten some.
I do not know what to do with it.

Jacqueline said...

How exciting! We had a pink kitchen in our house when the kids were little - mauve really! I loved it. Then I went to a neighbor's mother's house and she had a baby pink kitchen from 20 years before with pink appliances - wow, that was so fabulous. I imagine it is going to be such a joy to be in!

Chronica Domus said...

I love that you have pink salt for your rosy kitchen, just perfect! Several years ago my husband gave me a lump of Himalayan salt for my Christmas present, which has a rosy orange color. I couldn't bear to use it as it looks so wonderful in its rock-like state. It sits atop the shelf of my stove so I can admire it when I'm cooking.

I think you'd better get on and make those truffles you write about, then post the recipe. During our dinner party this past Saturday, we offered our guests after-dinner chocolates in the drawing room and particularly enjoyed the sea salt truffles spiked with Chardonnay, and the olive oil and sea salt ones too. Divine!

GSL said...

I don't care much about kitchens but understand why they interest so many people but I'd always want to read anything you write and see anything that gives you joy.

garden furniture land said...

I'm so excited with your new kitchen!

Beverly said...

Sometimes you just have to take your time to savor the wonder. Take all the time you need. And, enjoy every second.

Kim S. said...

I think maybe you are just savoring the pinkness. The finally getting it just like you've seen it in your mind's eye for years. Enjoy the feeling and show it when you want to! We'll be here!