Friday, October 9, 2015


We’re missing our Friday Library Visit today, because Ganner’s over toward school, and is picking up Sweetpea.   They go to hardware stores and Sam’s and stuff, and that’s sorta a fair division of labor AND company, all around.

We’ve been going together to our dear Library, she and I, since she was in one of those little seats you snap in and out of the car to carry, and we’ve made our way through a great number of the books, from the little cloth numbers loved and squeezed, through the thick-paged small ones with a tiny story told in tiny words, (WHERE'S the BEE?   There he is!), on to read-mes that carry on WAY into time for bedtime prayers.

She explores the tree-house, the little phone booth where you can sit and have a story read over the phone, the bins of puppets and games and puzzles in their sturdy numbered bags.   And she still loves the “little” stuff---a sweet mama-llama puppet with a tee-ninecy baby stitched to her side, and the little-fingers puzzles with big bright-coloured wooden pieces.

Last time, she spent a lot of time at the colouring table, making percentages of pies and kites and arches.   Then then, in a nod to times gone by, she came over with a thick round plate pie-wedged and shaded, with small divots lined in dingy Velcro. 

“What would you like on your PIZZA?” she asked.   I consulted the puzzle-pieces for the menu.

“Vegetables,” I said, as she began to apply peppers and mushrooms.  Then, knowing Ganner’s propensity for meat on his pizza, she rounded up all the pepperoni and started to stick them on like map-pins.

She thought for a moment, then went back to the puzzle-bin.   In a bit she came back with a little blue whale, perhaps from some sea-faring scene.

“He likes anchovies, but they don’t have any,” she said.   “Will this do, you think?”

Indeed I did.


Chronica Domus said...

Oh yes, I recall those visits when my little one still requested story time. The library is a wonderful institution that all children should be exposed to in hopes of forging a life-long habit of reading and learning. Somewhere, recently, I read an article about what makes a person "cultured". Apparently, having a library card was on that list, along with hosting dinner parties, visiting museums, and being skilled in the use of chopsticks, among other things.

Truly enjoyed today's post. So many memories have flooded back, thank you.

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

Your Friday library visit sounds absolutely delightful. It is very important for the children to have an early exposure to arts, music and books. I feel very infuriated when the local governments and authorities decide to close down so many local libraries (a lot of the public libraries in UK are under threat) - it's a decision influenced by spending/funding restrictions imposed on them by the central government. The library is the centre of our community. I will never forget the experience of going to the public library first time with my grandmother. It is a life altering experience and the memory of taking my first library card from the gentleman librarian in the cardigan will stay with me as long as I live. I still visit my local library every week. Since I live in the remote village in the country, I've also got the privilege of ordering and returning the library books at the mobile library.

Wishing you the best possible week ahead.


Kim S. said...

Oh, the magic of a library! I remember toys and games and puzzles and STORYTIME! Then, as I got a little older, books without pictures (but LOTS more story) and LPs and even works of art to check out. And all for FREE!