Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Having someone who never gets bored spending the entire day in your company, sharing Pet Shop friends and making cupcakes.

The charming cupcake molds were some that I won in a drawing from Jacqueline of PURPLE CHOCOLAT HOME---she of the wonderful cooking and decorating, endless patience in pursuit of perfection, and thousands of wonderful ideas of things to create.

Seeing those former little green hands neatly and expertly tending the dyepots, all by herself.

Having a talented tablescaper always at your beck.

Who also creates unusual and interesting recipes, colorful and delicious,
right there at table.  Who knew that applesauce, pinched-up quesadilla and corn chips would be the NEXT THING.

To decorate your favorite dessert at the Chinese buffet, with the uncanny ability to re-create the Sydney Opera House from a single fortune cookie,


And someone who knows you so well, she can capture the essence of YOU in ink in three seconds flat.

  DisneyWorld pales.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Love it!

Miss Merry said...


Miss Merry said...


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

A pink grandmother, now, surely, that is every child's most treasured 'possession'. And, how you must be treasured for your endless patience, great sense of humour, never ending source of creative ideas and love. Yes, the perfect grandmother mix.

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel. my comment is belated but so well meant. Thank you for the sweetest comment about our anniversary. We are truly blessed.

I adore your darling post as you shared the talents of your Sweetpea. I smiled and chuckled at her lovely arrangements and clever ideas. Lucky,lucky, you to be there for the wondrous surprises she gives you endlessly. I love her and we have never met. I have the same feelings about you. We could have lovely long talks over coffee or tea or 'anything.'

I wish you a lovely week always.

I am scrolling down to see what I have missed. We have been spring cleaning and getting ready next week for a 70th birthday party for my next to the youngest sister Diane. It is a "surprise" party and it is so hard to keep this secret. Lots of love with up to thirty people. I am loving the motivation to deep clean. LOL.

Much love,

Kim S. said...

Yes. All that. And her sweet voice that will be in your ears forever. You and she are so blessed!