Monday, April 20, 2015


I LIKE PULLING UP STUFF---RADISHES, CARROTS, TURNIPS, AND ESPECIALLY DIGGING POTATOES.   Those all are ever-so-much easer than picking stuff—beans and peas and even squash and cucumbers, with their stickery leaves and penchant for hiding the best specimens beneath the most verdure.

And it’s MUCH more fun---the thrill of the pull, the dropping of little clods of earth to reveal the yea or nay of the find:   a nicely developed carrot, golden and plump, a glowing little red juicy radish, or a tee-ninecy sad thread of root, not yet caught on to that growth thing.   You never know just what you’ll get, like one of those tangle-of-ribbons things at a bridal shower, where you pull the grosgrain, knotting up with that lady you nod to at PTA, and finally realizing that HER ribbon has the little gold ring on the end, and yours has the plastic spoon.

  MSW photo


Patsy said...

Our farmers market opens May 1 , looking forward to some little new potatoes and green sweet boiling onions. Love the photo of the garden.

L. D. said...

I had not thought about that for a long time but pulling radishes in the hot sun was always a unique thing to do. Pulling them up and out seeing what the size of the radish might be once it is freed from the ground.

donna baker said...

Nice carrot, Rachel. I've not planted a thing this spring.

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

NEVER played that game at a bridal shower before! What's it called?


Jacqueline said...

I hadn't heard of that game either. Sounds fun!
Just waiting for my carrots to come up. I never got around to planting them last year, I kept misplacing the seeds. We got plenty from the garden in the empty lot next door and that was the favorite thing for the grands to get - they loved the crazy ones with lots of shoots on the sides ( don't know what you call those things!)

Dorothy said...

I'm a farmer/gardener at heart but not much of that going on here now!. I DID set out some multiplying onions today, does that count as gardening?

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, This is such a lovely post and gardening with love is nothing less than awesome. I am sad to say we do not have a garden as such but we plant some veggies in containers. Gathering veggies from our garden when I was a child was a chore but one we had fun with. Shelling peas together with our mother under a shady tree in the yard is a fond memory.

The cake is beautiful and the ring and the spoon adorable. Our great niece is getting married in Sept. and we sisters will be giving her a shower. I will remember this lovely cake.

I am off to get a much needed haircut. wishing you lovely days.
Love, Jeanne