Thursday, April 23, 2015


This is post #1111---gotta be some kinda meaning in there.   Linking to Beverly's PINK SATURDAY.

The downstairs kitchen---it’s one of the reasons we bought this house---the other two being The Tree in the back yard, and our wonderful neighbor Honey, who chatted over the gate each time we came to look at the house.  We’ve had some water coming in every couple of years with the heaviest rains, and slowly, the footing of the cabinets is melting away, leaving them to sag and become slow and draggy.

See the slope of drawers and doors, with that widening wedge of space between cabinet and countertop.

The coffee-corner, which will be enlarged a teense by having the new countertop extended to the wall, and sort of floated over the ice machine.

The widening gap is even more visible in this one, and some time ago, the sag caused the dishwasher door to scrape against the underside of countertop, making it harder and harder to open.   Knowing we were going to be remodeling in the next year, I had 2 2x4s cut to the height of the counter, and spanged them into place with a little rubber sledgehammer.  I designed a foundation of PVC for the new counters to rest on, high and dry.

Turn the corner, where all the sugars and salts and handy things live.

I really, really love my big old sink, but Chris says let’s get all new, so a twin will be coming to replace her.  I hope she’s as easy to shine.  

Scrubby Duck is not replaceable, nor are the brush and two bottles, one of Dawn and the other a mixture of two parts Sam’s pearly hand soap to one part Dawn, mixed into a wonderful creamy green-apple hand wash.

Only the top cabinets and hood will be replaced here---I couldn’t part with Miss Frankie, she of the shiny red earbobs and slightly disheveled hemline, where I’ve scrubbed all the paint off her ankles.

The colour I’d really love---it looks almost edible, as if you'd made panna cotta with strawberries and peaches.

And why does THIS:

Sometimes turn out like THIS:

Why is it that we think fruit the appropriate art for a kitchen?   This lot will be going back to Goodwill, whence it came, with the exception of the big top one. 

Don’t think I can part with it, though it will be a bit dark in all senses, for the new colour scheme.  The signature says C. JOHN, but I’ve always thought it should read F. KRUGER.

Almost, but not quite:   the countertops and all cabinets will be bright white, and the pink a very subdued “Fifties Pink” of all those clips and snips and nostalgic photos I’ve been collecting. 

My windows are bigger, and there will be pretty little curtains.  All to come,  nine light-years worth of work away.


While I just sit here dreaming.   

Moire non,

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Kelley said...

But I can dream, can't I?



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

Well, here in Budapest there was a standing joke that the Fourth Metro line would never come. It had been 29 years in the planning and 8 years in the constructing but, today, one can ride on it! We have to add that the Fourth Metro does not go anywhere that one wishes to go but that is quite beside the point. It is there.......tracks, platforms and trains!

And so, darling Rachel, as all good things come to those who wait, your kitchen will come. Your dream will come true and you will, darling Cinderella, go to the ball......with or without the glass slipper or the ice machine.

Beverly said...

Dreaming is a good thing, and I love your dream kitchen. I can hardly wait.

Happy Pink Saturday, my dear pink-hearted friend.

Beverly said...

Dreaming is a good thing, and I love your dream kitchen. I can hardly wait.

Happy Pink Saturday, my dear pink-hearted friend.

donna baker said...

Oh Rachel, those kind of things just worry me to death. I love pink too. Boy, after a few days away from blogland, I can't hardly catch up with all the blogs.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

We had a pink dining room in our last house, compliments of the previous owners. However, my boys were never very fond of it. They haven't noticed the pink hue of the peach paint in the powder room, though!

GSL said...

Love this kitchen tour darling Rachel. Don't ever part with Miss Frankie.
I can well remember the taste of Dawn soap whenever my mother heard me using 'language', she'd snap me in a headlock rassle me over to the sink like some rodeo cowboy fixin to rope a calf.

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, Long day to day but I made it before midnight today. Smile.

Oh yes, it is time for a new kitchen. I see what you mean by "draggy" The new colors and plans sound wonderful. How can you stop water from coming in? Yikes. We once had a home where the lawn sloped down to the back of our house and it would come close to invading but never did. Our back yard stayed wet for days at a time in rainy weather. It caused mildew on the walls outside and it was a chore keeping them clean. I can't wait to see your brand new kitchen and I hope you can find a way to stay dry.

I'm glad you like my post. Just like the little girl said, there were so many wonders it was hard to pick. You can add your picks and we can have many more wonders.LOL.
Thank you for your dear comment as always. No one I know has a way with words like you. I love that about you and so many more reasons.

Sending you hugs today and always.

BeachGypsy said...

Hi Rachel! thanks so much for visiting my little front porch! Come back often! thanks for following....I followed you as well! I am getting such a kick out of that pink paint....believe it or is the EXACT SHADE I would almost bet the pink I painted my kitchen table last year! LOL I still love the shade. Your kitchen is going to turn out great.

bj said...

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen all come's always so fun, getting new things for your house...and a new kitchen is at the top of the list. :)

Kim S. said...

Can’t wait to see it all, my dear! I’m relieved that Miss Frankie will be around with her earbobs to grace all the future family hoedowns!