Friday, September 5, 2014


Twas a lovely party, fun all around, with a lot of pale teal cloths and napkins and dishes, and purple bowls and plates---all in the colors of the two Princesses of FROZEN.


We ate and played and nibbled and played, with the echoes of nine sets of giggles and squeals punctuating the day, and as many fond Parents and Grandparents enjoying the festivities.


However, MY BIRTHDAY GIFT was a new phone, which completely LOST every single picture, so we have only the few snaps made by Sweetpea’s Mama and Mammaw during the afternoon.


There was a BIG bouquet of FROZEN balloons as a centerpiece, and all the little characters stood or sat around on the table, next to “their” party nibbles.   Elsa sat at her ease beside a pretty glass sleigh of “Kisses to Melt a Frozen Heart,” and strings of color-change lights wound around amongst the dainty trays made a pretty scene.


There were fun nibbles---Snowflake sandwiches of peanut butter/honey, and small bread-and-butter snowflakes and crowns.  There were Snowballs (powdered donut holes) and Olaf’s Noses, Icebergs and Greensicles (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery) on the crudite tray with dip.  
A little figure of mighty SVEN stood next to a platter of Sven’s Haybales (marshmallow Krispie treats) and a bowl of his  Antlers (pretzel sticks), along with Troll Rocks (beautiful pearly blue gumballs), and a tray piled with green grapes.   A little bowl of “Reindeer Poop” (tiny chocolate Krispie bits) drew the most giggles and jokes, but they scooped up and ate every bite.  A tray of Anna’s Frozen Hearts (strawberries tipped with pale blue white chocolate) sat next to a big bowl of Reindeer Chow (Chex Mix).    

It’s hard to describe how pretty it was---just pretend you’re looking into one of those magical sugar Easter Eggs with the sweet little scenes inside---just squint a little bit just so, and things will become clearer. 
Sweetpea’s own creation was little packs of string cheese with snowman faces and jaunty blue ribbon scarves.   She made them entirely by herself, from “dry the package so the ink will stick,” to the tying of the ribbon---well, maybe with a helping finger on the knot now and then.  


Aunt Caro made many of the treats WAY early in the morning hours when she came home from work, and dipped these Birthday Cake Oreos in white chocolate with snowflakes atop, served on a silver stand crowned with a cheery teal ribbon.

I’m still sad that we lost all the
pictures of the pretty party, but even the best, clearest photos could not portray what a good day we had, nor the memories sweeter than that beautiful cake.


Our Birthday Girl proclaimed it “the BESTEST Birthday EVER!” (Gotta work on those superlatives a little more).


GSL said...

Fairy-tales should have it so good! I even got a sugar high from reading the menu. I'll bet Sweet Pea had some girlhood training on clothespins...?

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,
We are certain that there would be no words or photographs sufficient to describe the joy of this party. But, what you have written and what glimpses these pictures give make us sure that we really missed out on something BIG.

We have to say that not even in our wildest imaginations could we think of Rice Krispies as Reindeer Poop but that just serves to highlight what a fantasmagorical (is this sufficient superlative?) occasion this must have been. All in all, it even seems to us that this party would have been worth having a birthday and getting a year older for.

Many, many happy returns!!!

racheld said...


Oh, I know the sugar-laden fare was far TOOTOO, but I sorta considered that I've always wanted to do her birthday party table, and that at my own ten-times-her-age, it could well be the last one I'll have energy or inclination for.

Besides---there were CARROTS!

And yes, we've made some characters from clothespins over the years, especially the toy soldiers from Nutcracker, for the children's Christmas Tree.

Thank you for dropping in,


racheld said...

Dear Hattatts,

Oh, she counted the DAYS! We even had a rehearsal last month, doing a half-birthday for her Mommy and Ganner, who are January.

I put entirely too much TWEE into the thing, but after I'd seen the most elegant children's party of my life (excluding those extravaganzas lost-on-the-spoiled-young of TV "reality,") I wanted to do a little party for her, for she sings the movie songs all the time.

I, myself, have been a lady baritone since my college years, and she gives the "Summer" song some Nathan Lane notes that will make you double-take.

It WAS too-too, and too much, and too silly, but then, if you can't have a Sense of Silly (much more important and interesting than a Sense of Humour)---then where will you be?

You two kids would have fit right in---there was much merriment, and even we GRANDS got right into the fun. But then, I'm a floor-sitter, and an in-the-blanket-fort type, anyway. And laughing just DOES YOU GOOD.

always lovely to hear from you two,


Beverly said...

I would agree that it was the "bestest" birthday party ever. It looks magical and special and beautiful and spectacular and ... just perfect. Every little girl would have been enchanted.♥

harleygirl said...

Wow, what a party! I love the cheese sticks. :) You guys all did a great job and really took it to heart. Great job to all!

On a side note, as soon as I read your title, all I could think of was a "Duck Dynasty" episode where Mountain Man keeps saying, "Arrrrbooorrrrr". ha, ha. Now my kids don't say "arbor"; they say "arrrrboooorrr". Maybe we should have an arbor birthday. heh. :)

Patsy said...

We have all boys so didn't know about this fairy tale theme.
It looked like a fun party,
for one sweet little girl.

Michelle said...

Judging from the photos that survived, it was a very magical party for a special girl! I only dream about making cookies that pretty!

Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel, We can see every detail in our minds eye just reading your written word. I am certain the party was magical and really a "Frozen" Fantasy" The cheese stick snowmen are adorable. The snowflake treats made by Caro are so sweet. No pun intended. LOL. I am positive this was the bestest Birthday party ever. Happy belated birthday to you both with sincere wishes for many more. I am still laughing about the reindeer poop. :)

Enjoy your new phone Rachel in spite of the lost photos. When all else fails, read the instruction. I talk big but I have not read the instructions about my phone and I am already needing a new one. Sigh!

Your comment about your pet rats made me smile so much. You described our daughter who had pet rats that were loved and adored. She also bought a wee one when her old one was getting feeble. She only had two but they were loved and lived a life to be admired. They too sat on shoulders and were even loved by the dog. I just had to let you know that I "get" the love of these small animals. I too loved the wee one I shared on my PS post. So cute.

Love and hugs and that includes Sweetpea.


racheld said...


It was everything she'd thought of, and more---she has a lot of my Southern accent, just by proximity, except for talking about "skewell), and they were out playing when we put on the finishing touches and turned on the lights. We turned off the overhead light, and when she came back in, amongst the oooos and ahhhhs, I DEFINITELY heard a familiar, "Oh, KEWELL!" from the hall.

It was really a special day, and we both send our thanks for the special wishes. She reads every word of these, with a little prompting, and loves to hear from friends.

love and,


racheld said...


we certainly had a good time getting all that silly stuff together. I DID borrow quite a few of the names and tags from the internet, and then lost all the punch lines in those missing photos.

The cheese sticks were a hit---everybody got one or two, and I'm surprised at how much I LIKE those.

And she did them start to finish, by herself.


racheld said...

Miss Patsy,

It WAS such fun, and the LOUD factor got kinda fierce sometimes. The one young man who came filled his plate, and later, I saw him come back at least twice, for more bread and butter.

She and I both thank you for saying she's sweet---we've worked hard at her manners, and she's naturally good natured like her Ganner.


racheld said...


The cookies WERE indeed sweet---they were simply the Oreos labeled BIRTHDAY CAKE---they have white cookies and the filling has microscopic little pastel sparkles, and they DO taste like birthday cake.

She simply dipped them into white chocolate, set on a little snowflake sprinkle, and put them on parchment overnight to dry.

A little rosebud tip pink bud makes them look like those Gucci macarons.


racheld said...

Jeanne, M'Dear,

We DID have the BESTEST time! I love being surround by young-uns, even squealing, shouting ones running at top speed. It was such fun to have so many in one place, and I do love to do a party. I've spent a lot of my life getting to share in and enjoy other people's happy times, and that's been a great blessing.

Our Dear PeePees were simply charming little girls, with the pink ears and eyes and those tiny pink fingertips, and their hair was almost like silver velvet.

Such pleasant little creatures, with quite the opposite reputation amongst most of the world. We had seven in succession, and would still have a long train of them, I suppose, but we took in two ferrets, and the last one seemed afraid a lot of the time, with the scent of predators in the house.

I may just go cruising pet stores again, now that we have just the one FuzzyPup.

love and hugs from us to you, too,


Kim S. said...

So glad the little miss had a wonderful party. And, no surprise with a grandmother like you and her wondrous, baking fairy of an aunt! ‘Sense of silly’…yet another reason you and I are so right together! Mike and Jess and I talk a lot about what a silly family we are.