Sunday, August 31, 2014


We’re beginning a whole new year, Sweetpea and I, with our birthdays so close together.  Boy, what a present she was seven years ago!


Just heard this on a re-run of NCIS, and I’ve always loved Warren Zevon---what a magnificent talent.


Patsy said...

Happy Birthday to you and Sweetpea!
No, that photo is not my yard --I wish----it did look like that.

Southern Lady said...

Sending my very best wishes and love straight from my heart to yours, Rachel ... and to your precious little Sweetpea, too. I hope all is well with you. You have always had a special place in my heart, my friend. May God bless and watch over you and your sweet family.

GSL said...

A very happy Birthday to you and Sweetpea. I've never heard that song before and haven't really heard anything from Warren Zevon since "...his hair was perfect...".

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

We send you and Sweetpea all love and every good wish for a very Happy Birthday.

We do hold you close to our hearts. It is strange how so many miles separate us and, yet, it is as if you live just down the street. Indeed, we half expect to join you at the birthday party.......if only!

Warren Zevon will always be 'Werewolves in London' to us........yahoooooooo!

Many, many happy returns!

racheld said...

Thank you, Miss Patsy---it was a fine one---all amongst happy little children and good family and a fun atmosphere. I'm ten of her age, and it made me feel like a happy childhood.


racheld said...

Oh, my dear Janie!

It's so lovely to have you drop in again! I've so missed our little correspondences.

You and yours and your magnificent photos have a special spot in my own heart---I don't have enough good words to pour all over them and you.

Thank you.

love and,


racheld said...

Oh, My, GSL!

What a lovely treat to have you drop in! I'm SO enjoying your Lion's Den, and it was well worth the long-anticipated wait.

Every time I tune in, it feels a bit like a letter from my dear Mike Royko (snail mail) of the seventies---there's just a flavor to the words which reminds me, and it always makes me smile.

Thank you for the lovely surprise!


racheld said...

Hello, my Dear Faraways!!

Oh, if you could have been here (perhaps with Teddy, and I've no doubt that Edward would have surveyed the scene with quite a bit of pleasure as well, though SVEN, the enormous reindeer, might have held his tentative attention most, and assured his mute fascination).

And no doubt, as well, you two would have perched right down in the teeny-tiny chairs with all the other youngsters, enjoying the nibbles of snowflake sandwiches and snowballs (powdered-sugar donut holes) and Kisses to Melt a Frozen Heart, plucked from a gleaming, twinkling glass sleigh with color-change lights strewn around.
You'd have been the adventurous first two to dip a spoon into the bowl if little chocolate pebble "Reindeer Poop" and munch away, to the levity of all those happy children.

It was such a fulfilling, sustaining day, with all the little dainty work of the morning---haven't spread so many tee-ninecy bread-and-butters in quite a while, and just the arranging of the tables and the good help from a Sweetpea's tiny older cousin, who put out the menu tabs just so and stood all the little toy figures amongst their namesake nibbles---it was such a blessing to me in the doing.

It's all remembered in a happy blue haze now, with the sparkly lights glimmering and the glisten of the dishes and the candles and that magnificent bouquet of balloons---oh, My.

Pretend I'm down the street, and you've been to the party, and are sitting in your drawing room, reminiscing and recounting the delicious remembrance of such a time spent with friends.

I wish, I wish.

And Thank You,
PS Do you have Rice Krispies in Budapest?

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

I wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns. What a wonderful idea to celebrate the two birthdays within the same month!

I know quite a lot of friends (including my dear friend, Gordon) who have their birthdays in the beginning of September. Does it say something about my friendship with Virgo? Perhaps, compatibility? I love them for their highly analytical minds.

I hope you have a wonderful dinner.

With best wishes, ASD

racheld said...

Dear ASD,

How nice to hear from you, after all those splendid celebrations and travels of your own!

We had quite the time, with nine young-uns and perhaps that many adults, with nibbles and scrumptious cake and presents, oh, my.

Your OWN glorious cake was a sight to behold---absolutely elegant, with such a sure hand with the decoration, and if it was enjoyed at home after that day of such magnificent sight-seeing, I trust that it was supremely moist and wonderful, after the day in the fridge to mingle the flavors.

Coming home and sitting right down to an already prepared dinner or treat is such a treasure in life, adding such a sense of leisure and grand ease to it all. My best to Gordon, and of course, to you, dear friend.


Jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel. when I saw your title I was frightened that something was wrong. Whew! I like watching NCIS too.

I am anxious to see photos of Sweetpea's birthday fun. Frozen is a great idea for a theme. We saw that movie and enjoyed it very much. We had such a fun moment when our 19 year old niece sang the entire song for us this summer. (with LOTS of drama)LOL! I bet Sweetpea knows it too. Take lots of pics.

I too hope we will meet some time Rachel. I am certain the day will come one day.

Wishing you and Sweetpea the happiest of birthday celebrations.

Love, Jeanne

Elizabethd said...

Thank you for visiting me in England. The gazebo you can see in the header photo was actually on our terrace in France, and was fixed directly to the decking. It was wonderful for shade on a hot day.
Happy now a bit belated.

Linda Jennings said...

Enjoy your birthday celebration.

Kathy said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely time. You certainly deserve it.

racheld said...


What a lovely surprise to have you drop in! I was thinking that the gazebo must be anchored with bolts into the concrete/decking somehow.

It's a lovely sight, and must have been simply delightful to sit on your terrace in France, beneath such beautiful draperies, enjoying the afternoon over wine and dinner.

I hope you'll visit again,


racheld said...


It was a wonderful celebration---all five, to be exact, for we met for dinner on Thursday, we had Sweetpea here on Friday to help me prepare for Saturday's party, then Monday night to our favorite Chinese place to celebrate again.

Nothing on the scale of all your wonderful adventures this Summer (My, you must have had a bookful of scheduling to take care of, but it sounds like heaven).


racheld said...

Why, Thank You, Kathy!

It was a simply splendid weekend (a LONNNNNg weekend, in fact) of celebrations and parties and dinners together, and even the preparation, with Sweetpea here for the day to help, was a sweet time of learning and doing together.

It's always nice to have you drop in,


Martha said...

Actually, the older one gets, it goes from being birthDAYS to birthWEEKS to birthMONTHS!


racheld said...

Jeanne, M'Dear,

I'm sorry you were worried, and hope that you saw quickly I was just reminiscing over an old song.

The sound of his voice is reminiscent itself of John Connelly, whom I also love.

Hope you're having a wonderful week, Dear One. Moire non re: our party.

love and,


Jacqueline said...

What a joy they are! Happy birthday wishes flying over to you and Sweetpea!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Happy birthday to you both. I hope you have many blessings. happy September.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

Sadly, absolutely no Rice Krispies in Budapest. Indeed, it must be several decades since we last heard that snap, crackle and pop as the milk comes into contact with them in the bowl!

How absolutely magical the birthday celebrations sounded to have been. We are not sure that we should have loved the 'Reindeer Poo' but, what delight to have been seated on teeny tiny chairs, looking at everything from a small child's perspective once again.

The dainty sandwiches sound very English. Indeed, they would have been quintessential Afternoon Tea fare had they contained thinly sliced cucumber and accompanied Twining's tea in china cups. Ahhhhh we wish, we wish....One day!

Beverly said...

Oh, rats! I can't believe I missed your birthday. I should be hanging my head in shame. But instead, I must confess, that the thought of you and your birthday brought a great, big smile to my face.

Please accept my belated birthday hugs, kisses, grins and wishes with love from me to you.♥♥♥

Kim S. said...

Always and always. As near as I can.