Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's a quiet morning---just the hum of the heat and the crackle-drop of the ice machine, as I’m sitting here in the dim.   The round golden lampshade beside me and the strings of little Christmas lights stuck on strips of ribbon like glowing Candy-Dots are the only illumination in the room.



What a contrast to previous day-after-Christmas mornings, when the house was full of chillun and sunshine (indeed it IS a glorious sunny day outside, with the living room and kitchen and sitting room upstairs filled with sun, to the delight of Pete the Canary).   And every time I’ve been up, Fuzzypup has moved on with the traveling rays across the carpet, sunning his little shaggy body.   We’re usually all in a merry chaos, with scattered presents all in stages of use and noise, with the scents of bacon and coffee and French Toast in the house, and today, only the coffee.   And me.


Chris stuck his head back into our room when he left, “You sleep long as you can, and have an easy day.  We’ll order Chinese for supper.”

And so I did, and have tried out the new pack of Hills Bros. K-cups (they come in little saggy-bottom packs, like a tee-ninecy upside-down mob-cap, with a flat round top of rigid plastic, and a silky little bag of coffee hanging below.  They remind me of a Lilliput version of those old-fashioned ashtrays which stayed put, even on a dashboard, because their heavy leathery bases were full of bbs.  Delicious.  I’ve had two BIG cups.

Our day yesterday was the quietest in the history of our family, I think, with just the three of us of the house, late rising, venturing up to the living room about eleven, coffee and tea in hand, to greet each other in robes and snuggies, and to open our presents to each other.   We’d shared Christmas Eve with Sweetpea and her family, with a raucous, laughing good time and a good roast beef dinner, and of all that, moire non.

I hope your holiday was a wonderful, joyous celebration.


harleygirl said...

I always love reading your posts. :) You make every little thing sound so great and happy! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. :)

Kathy said...

Oh to be able to sleep late on Christmas morning. Mine is always early to get ready to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to my sister's house (and back again the same day). But it's worth it for the wonderful time I always have. Glad you had a wonderful day. Such a nice post. I could almost smell the coffee.

Beverly said...

Christmas mornings are quiet for us now, too. Our son and grandson get here about 2:30 Christmas afternoon, and that is when the fun begins. I thought I would really miss Christmas early morning fun, but the important thing is that we can all be together in time. We learn to savor all our blessings - even those that look different than what we knew in days past.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hello dear Rachel, a quiet Christmas sounds delightful. We have been traveling for a week from our son's home in Raleigh, Jacksonville for Christmas with one of our daughters...then on to Orlando, FL for the day after Christmas with another daughter... then off to Punta Gorda, Fl for a wedding tomorrow...then home to our mountains on Sunday. We have had a wild ride and so much fun with our darling children. However, after the special wedding tomorrow for my great niece, I will be ready to travel home (11 hours) to enjoy that wonderful cup off coffee on a quiet morning the day after that long trip. Sigh!

At this moment our daughter from Jacksonville is here in Orlando with her family. We are all sleeping where ever we can find a spot so we can all (nine of us) travel together to the wedding tomorrow. It is about three hours from Orlando. All I can hear right now is four teenage cousins laughing and having a grand visit and our daughters playing a game on the TV laughing and trying to win. Life is good and we are blessed.

I know your Christmas Eve sounded a lot like this house with the joy of Christmas being celebrated and loved ones having a grand time together. Just as it should be.

I have had to take a short break from blogging this past week but I am wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year in 2014.
Blessings and love,

Kim S. said...

Sounds lovely. You are the best at finding joy and renewal in quiet.