Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sometimes you just stumble upon something which astounds and delights, and today was one of those days.  I saw it just a few moments ago, and with the notes and thrums and tinkles still resounding in my ears, I want to share it.


As an old gentleman of our community said of a lady who played piano at a local church:  “She plays everything but the cracks.”


This is a quartet who make the most of ONE piano, bringing out tones that Steinway only dreamt of, and using the strings in a way that Perlman would admire.


There’s a little ad moment at the end, but feel free to miss that---just enjoy the way they PLAY.   It will lift your heart and your spirit.


Kathy said...

This is wonderful! What super talented guys. I am so impressed. I am going to check out their website.

Chesapeake said...

Had not managed to get the WiFi to cooperate when others had posted this, so a big Thank You for this. WOW!