Monday, June 11, 2012


We had a week and weekend too busy to count, and Sweetpea had quite a nice time of it, with lots of outings, a LONG walk in the forest, trips and activities and fun in the little plastic pool in the backyard.  We went for lunch one day to one of our favorite places---they have little windowed alcoves which jut out into the landscaping, charming and Juliet-ish, with multi-mullions of glass.

The place was quite crowded when we arrived, and we just happened to get one of the special spots, the three of us.   We ordered and ate our lunch, with Sweetpea, of course, all finished before Chris and me.   And she just wants to TOUCH that pretty glass SO BADLY.  I cautioned and reprimanded and made her sit back down several times, but the temptation kept stirring her out of her chair, stopping inches short of putting those little fingers onto the glimmer.

And after a while, I turned and looked over my shoulder into a surprisingly empty room.  It was cleared of people, trays, litter, with every little napkin-box and saltshaker immaculately in place.

"Was it something I SAID?" I joked.

"Probably they heard that Sweetpea's two SISTERS will be here in a little bit," Chris responded.

Her eyes grew big and round at the thought of two more like her.   "OHHH!," she said.   "One would be TERRIBLE!   Two would be a 'A-TAS-to-py."


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
It is such a delight watching young children marvel at the strangest of things. They truly do help one to get joy out of the simplest of events and activities and to see the beauty in everything that surrounds us. As adults we do become jaded and take things for granted. Oh, to see through Sweetpea's eyes once more. But, triple that would be something else entirely!!!!

Southern Lady said...

How adorable! She is wise and eloquent beyond her years. Wonder where she got it from!

Bev said...

Love it!! What a kid.

Beverly said...

Too cute. This made me laugh aloud. Touching is often too tempting to resist.♥