Friday, June 15, 2012


I see that DALLAS is back, and though we set the DVR to get it, nobody’s really eager or interested in seeing it soon.    But just a quick memory from WAY BACK WHEN:

We DID watch it Back In The Day, and my favorite memory of it is that one November night in 1980, we catered a Rehearsal Dinner at a local country club.   There were to be perhaps forty guests, and in addition to all the food, I put the air-popper, some extra butter, and some of the BIG round steel salad pans into the wagon as we left home.

Everyone ate and drank and enjoyed the evening, and about 8:30, we started popping corn whilst we were clearing up.    We filled the big pans, buttered and seasoned the big fluffy kernels nicely, and set them to keep warm for a few minutes atop the big warming shelf of the stove, as we popped more and MORE and more.

THEN, at nine o’clock, all those people in the days before VCRs, grumbly at missing the long awaited denouement, refreshed their drinks and settled comfortably, shoes-off, all over the TV lounge on couches and chairs and cushions and the floor, passed around the popcorn, and watched “WHO SHOT J.R.?”

An impromptu gathering, but great fun with all the whooping and laughing, made more enjoyable by such a go-with-the-flow crowd and a little lagniappe. 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
We are afraid to say that way back, when we did have a television, we did not actually watch Dallas beyond, possibly, having seen for whatever reason an odd episode.

We can remember all the fuss connected with the shooting of JR, but have no idea about the outcome.

racheld said...

Me, either---I was probably immersed in the dishpan about that time.

Do you not follow Downton Abbey?---it's a not-so-secret vice. And I don't know exactly what the charm really IS.

Beverly said...

Never much of a Dallas fan, and I won't be "doing it" this time around either.