Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We're going to be spending the next few days getting ready for two successive visits, from four of the chillun, and three GRANDS.  

I've rattled on for almost four years, now, with you as gracious readers and friends, and you've heard about family, friends, happenings, memories and much more.   All my frame of reference is centered on the South, of my upbringing, of raising the children, of life as I knew it for so many years, and I've scattered myriad words to  try to describe the images I grew up with,  to tell the moments I remember, the places I love.

Now, whilst we're doing our preparations and fluffing the linens and dusting the books and teapots, filling Things In Dishes, getting out the crafts and toys in such anticipation of the coming fun, I hope you'll have a look at the SOUTH I'm from, captured by a Master Photographer---Janie at


Just the music brought me to tears by the fourth picture.  It's a stunning array, of memories and scenes which are the ME of me.

Look Away,



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
The photographs and the accompanying music were so delightful. We have enjoyed looking and listening very much, especially as all this is so very different from anywhere we have known or lived in ourselves.

We can only imagine how powerfully these pictures must reach to the very soul of a Southerner such as yourself and, if the pictures themselves cannot do that, the music must for sure.

We wish you much joy in the coming days with your children and their children. We are certain that they will feel proud to be the future generations whose roots lie in these wonderful images you have shared with us today.

Beverly said...

Dear, dear Rachel. My heart thanks you for pointing me in this direction.

I cried through the entire thing.♥

Have seconds and minutes filled with joy of your family. I will be with you in my heart.

mississippi artist said...

What wonderful photos of places I love. Lake Providence and Transylvania, the Delta and the bridges at Vicksburg-oh and the house in Canton with the rounded porch-I remember the year they decorated it with horses, like a CAROUSEL!Have a wonderful time with family!

Kim Shook said...

Just lovely and somehow almost haunting. It makes me want to climb into my car with a camera and a cooler. Looking at those pictures reminds me that being a good photographer is less about a fancy camera and more about seeing the possibilities!

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hello dear Rachel, We are still on vacation and for over a week I could not connect to anyone's blog to comment. A bad connection in my in-law's home in Kansas. Now we are in Houston and a blessing has occurred. We can connect. So....here I am to catch up with your posts.

Our vacation has been wonderful so far. Today we are having lunch with our grandson Brandan. He and his wife moved here because her family are here. She has three sisters that are thrilled to have them in Houston. I know how that feels.

It is wonderful to hear your family are coming to visit. Isn't it wonderful to have such motivation to spiff up everything in the house? I love to be motivated because otherwise I will read and play on the computer and let the dust fly where it will. HA!

I will visit the blog you shared next. I have ALWAYS loved every story you tell about your experiences of growing up in the lovely South. I was born in MI but transferred to the South when I was nine. I guess I am a bit of both but lean heavily toward the South and the many charming ways of the Southern way of life.

Happy Flag Day Rachel. I am so proud of my American heritage.

Missing you,