Monday, October 3, 2011


It's a lovely October day here, cozied up by the pleasant company, all in sweats and warm shirts, and the scent of coffee singing through the house.   There was even a little pot of water with a drop of vanilla simmering on the stove when I woke, "to warm the house."

The 39 degrees on my thermo says we'll have to move the utility room around a bit today, unloading the big shelf of holiday dishes and casseroles and trays, in order to reach the furnace workin's and light it.   'Tis time.

I do want to ask if anyone's having trouble commenting lately---I've had several e-mails that readers just lost their comments into the ether of the net, and I have lost quite a few myself.    I write a cheery little note, and when I click "send"---they get SENT all right, flittering off into that File 13 in the sky, and nobody can know how much I enjoyed their postings.   It's like throwin' a rock down a well, and no splash.

The comments have been very sparse, of late, and since my own have been Return To Sender, or worse, I wish that any of you having trouble would send a quick e-mail---address is in my profile---and let me know.  I SURE AM---can't even answer the nice folks who comment on HERE.   Isn't THAT a note---when your OWN SITE won't let you in!

And if that's my only GRUMP today, things must be going OK.    Hope all's right with your world!

rachel---as usual, wandering in the wilderness


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Yes, we think it really is quite a common problem that people are experiencing difficulties with comments. We wonder if it is something to do with all the new developments Blogger is making? Whatever, it is indeed very frustrating to spend time writing a response only for it to disappear without trace.

We are looking forward to hearing about the delicious holiday cooking which clearly you are making preparations for. We are hopeless in the kitchen but love to eat!

racheld said...

Well, Hon, I would cook for you anytime!

The holiday dishes are actually just stored on a big industrial steel shelving thing, blocking access to the furnace-lighting place. By this time of year, it needs a good move-and-dust-and-re-arranging, anyway.

Patsy said...

I sure don't want to have the heat on yet just loving the cool weather but we need rain bad.

Jeanne said...

Funny you posted this because I HAVE lost comments and you know I am wordy. Just to think about rewriting one of my comments makes my blood run cold. Well, that is a bit dramatic. HA! I have been copying them on edit lately because of it and it usually is Blogger. One wanted my cell phone number. It was so nuts. Anyway, I hope it is fixed by now.
Love, jeanne