Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today's photo is courtesy of our friends Lil and Ben, whose meanderings across the country are some of my favorite adventures.    On the way to their Winter home in Texas, they stayed a few days in New Orleans, and hit one of the HIGH spots.    On this raw, cold, 40 degrees day, wouldn't a couple of these crispy, sweet fried beignets be just scrumptious right now?

And the coffee, as always---hot and scalding and perfect---rich with the flavor of centuries.

 I can just smell that hot-fried-sugar scent of Cafe du Monde, and feel that scritch-step of the sticky floors.    I've always wondered:  It's open 24 hours----when DO they mop?   And who cares?

Moire non re: our own beignet traditions


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
This sounds like just the kind of place where we should feel completely at home. 24 hour service, a coffee shop to dream of, Café du Monde sounds as if it is a National Treasure. New Orleans must be proud!

racheld said...

It IS a treasure---a sort of beacon for everyone who sees the "must see" sights of New Orleans. The Cafe closed for less than two months after Katrina, and was right back frying and brewing.

It seems a bit shallow to rejoice in such small things as culinary matters in the devastating wake of the storm, but New Orleans has such a long, rich cultural history centered around food and hospitality. It's lovely to think that the refreshing and replenishing of travelers and townsfolk is given such import in such a splendid, valiant city.

Southern Lagniappe said...

We've been there at 6:00 AM, and they weren't moppin' then ... but, like you said, who cares. Just thinking about them made my mouth water.

You can buy their mix and make your own, which we've tried (and they're very good!) ... but it's just not the same as sitting at one of those little tables and watching New Orleans go by.

Beverly said...

Oh, how my heart longs to visit that great city. It is definitely on my list, and I'll get there - one of these days.

Kim Shook said...

This was the first place that we went to on our NOLA trip. Before we even unpacked, we trotted down for a snack. Within seconds we were both covered with speckles of confectioner's sugar from the drifts the all but obscure the hot beignets. Our hotel was just a block away and I threatened a beignet run every time I woke up in the middle of the night!