Tuesday, October 18, 2011


THE TREE in the back yard is showing great swaths of blue between all those laden limbs, and the countless bags of leaves stand like sentries against the potting shed, awaiting tomorrow's wheezy truck. 

The arbor is shaggy with overgrowth, and is slow to give up any of it---still jungly green, shady and with a chill deeper than any part of the yard.  The Summer Shade of the place is welcome and langourous, but the scant sun-peeps through this Autumn overhang leave it cold and not as inviting.    The floor is covered in brown, with very little of the outside golds and oranges making their way into the sanctum, and the chimes scarcely sing.    Even the wooden chairs have darkened, and the cheery yellow of the brick floor is subdued beneath the drifts.

But there are lovely vistas to be had---whole palettes of warmth and glow.   You could just sip these scenes like hot cider.

And this one is not upside down, but a peep from beneath TREE, into the sapphire sky---nowhere else have I seen this shade of blue.   Today is cloudy and damp, but pretty days are coming again---October never fails to surprise.


Tonja said...

If I promise to sit quietly, may I come and sit under your arbor? It sounds like the most lovely of places. I'm quite sure I'd be most happy there.

racheld said...

You may sit, enjoy, read, anything you like---you're ALWAYS welcome!! It IS rather chilly of late, so remember that the firepit is right outside the picture. And we'd need a big thermos of tea to keeps us warm.

Bundling up and sitting amongst the leaf-sounds WOULD be nice, I think. Come to think of it, with a long enough stick, we could set quite a few of those enormous marshmallows ablaze, as well.

Southern Lady said...

May I come, too? I'll bring hot chocolate and the marshmallows!

racheld said...

This party is getting better and better!! What a lovely chat we'll have, and you'll have to catch me up on all the doings Down South.

Today would not be the day for the arbor, though---it's 40 DEEZGREES and a very raw rain slushy brown leaves kind of day. Cozy in here though---coffee in my Tweety cup, Aaron Neville singing Any Day Now, and Chris insisted on sitting in my chair for a moment---just for heating it up, you understand.