Friday, September 23, 2011


There are lots of ways to say "I Love You."   This is one of the everyday ones---Every Day.    Chris spends an early hour on Sunday mornings, while I snuggle in for just a little more sleep, in getting together our medicines and vitamins for the week.

He gets out all the little prescription bottles, along with the great assortment of vitamin-and-supplement containers, and sets up a little assembly line on the battered old freezer---one of our very first acquisitions when we moved here twenty years ago.

We first began keeping our days' supplies, handy for setting beside our plates at breakfast and supper, in little black film cannisters---but over the years, the supply dwindled, and technology banished the small plastic cylinders to history.

Then he settled on using the same-size snap-top ones from his test-strips, and they worked just fine.   And THEN---one day at a Flea Market (or Gun Show---probably that, as improbable as kitchenware at such a meeting might seem) he found these cute little Tupperwares, bright and tight and easy to find.   And that last attribute is right up there in their glories, for we misplace one every couple of days, and orange IS easier to spot than gray, when you're scrambling under a chair or in a dark corner, which is where they inevitably escape to, or we've set them down amongst books and bags, where they blend in like ET in the toy-closet.

He sets out all the big bottles and jars, counting out and dropping in all the "real" meds first, so as to keep proper count and be able to see that they're all there.    Then a big handful of each vitamin, one in each gaping little mouth, til all the containers are filled.   The pink marker-circles on the numbered lids are mine, for all my day's worth fit into one, and his have a pale green mark, for both morning and night.

We HAVE graduated from those huge old horsepills on top to the tiny red jewels of Krill Oil, which fill your mouth with the lightest essence of vanilla as they go down.

And if this is too much boring information for one day---it's just one of the ways he richer and poorers, in sickness and in healths.   The tiny orange box at my place at the table says "I love you," as loudly and clearly as a dozen roses, every day.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
We feel that you are so right about the many tiny acts of kindness that can be done to say that someone loves and cares. Just as Chris does this for you both, so we are sure there are many ways in which you 'repay' him. Sometimes, just a smile is the only act of kindness needed to make someone's day.....this is such a good reminder to us to do such things as we go about our daily lives.

GwendolynKay said...

That is such a sweet gesture from Chris.Little things like that do mean so much.

Patsy said...

We are so blessed to have men that say in so many ways I love you every day.

steelersandstartrek said...


I supposed you consider THIS a popcorn-stoning as well. Another shadowbox look into the wonderful marriage you two have, thanks!

Elaine said...

Indeed this is a sweet way to show your love.. i know all about filling the med container.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Elaine.

Maggie McArthur said...

Oh my heavens, Rachael -- tell Chis this made me cry. Yes, it's the little orange boxes, the coffee ready when I wake up, the mug on the table, the ceding of the NYimes mag section to me, when He really wants to do the puzzle ... the kindness of good husbands. said...

Kind of like putting your money where your mouth is as we say in the South! Hope these young people coming up now realize this before it's too late. It is small things like this that will be remembered when the loved one is gone. It is not what someone says but how they made you feel that you will remember.

Kouign Aman said...

Coffee in the morning, oh yes.
Gas in the cars.
Loaning me his sunglasses when I am forever losing such.
Maybe one day, the pillboxes.

racheld said...

Oh, Y'all!!! These are the SWEETEST comments!! I walked into a COOOOL downstairs just now, doors and windows open---just the way I like it---and the scent of coffee in the air. Tweety-cup centered, happy little yellow S&L and skim set aside, and he'd even polished the little silver spoon of Sweetpea's now outgrown, which I always stir with.

He's off on the road on a Saturday Adventure---a road-trip to whatever he finds, down through the fields of Indiana, and ending at a special store for a new Winter hat. Busman's holiday, that is---he logs several hundred miles every week, hither and yon, to work on faraway-clients' machines.

I called and told him about all the nice things Y'all were saying, and at "You made my friend Maggie cry," he was quite taken aback.

I hope a WONDERFUL weekend for you all!!

Tonja said...

What a sweet post, Rachel. My Pop used to do that for my Mom every morning he would have her a cup of coffee and her meds at her plate when she came into the kitchen. They would sit and have their devotional time together and then Mom would fix breakfast.

He talks about that alot. He so misses having someone to do for.

Thanks for bringing that to my mind this morning. And, tell your hubby, "way to go!".

Kim S. said...

The ether got my comment - I'll try to get my gnarled brain around it again! One of your best posts ever, my friend. Because of your expression of thankfulness and because you inspired everyone else to look for the same kinds of things in their partners. I love Maggie's poetic phrase: "the kindness of good husbands". How lucky we are to have someone who not only makes the big gestures, but also the small, quiet ones. The small gestures are the ones that stay in your heart the longest.