Monday, September 26, 2011


photo:   Planet 99---Chicago

We had quite a lovely evening, with lots of togetherness, shouts of OPA! to welcome the flaming cheese, and great plates and platters of wonderful moussaka and spanakopita and olives and lamb, with  candles in the baklava.   

 Sweetpea came home with us to spend the night, and we've just now had breakfast.     We'll probably be hibernating a bit upstairs today, for the outside atmosphere is still WET.    We're right at that brown-leaves-on-the-ground, too much rain stage, with the lush greens of Summer fading, and not yet into the glories of October colors.

Everything on the patio is plastered with damp clumps of limp leaves, and we're gonna occupy ourselves with Dragon Tales, Little Golden Books, and maybe baking one of those lovely CARROT CAKES with cream-cheese frosting.    That should perk up our spirits AND the ambience of the house.

Perhaps today should be the get-out-our-own-leaves for hanging and festooning, and we'll bring a breath of clear, golden Fall in, in spite of its reluctance to arrive.

Happy Monday, Everybody!

PS AT 12.:30---We've been out for a long walk in this lovely SUNSHINE!!!   I must have lied about the drab skies, for we went out into golden rays and 60 degrees, and when we returned, some debris on the front stoop led us around to get the broom.

Which led on into great swoops and sweeps of the front eaves, the siding, the forgotten spider-lairs and hoblets' nests, THEN segued into another trip for the shears, to mow down all the expired, languishing dried stems of Queen Anne's lace.

Is it too early to prune roses?   I just did---probably six plants, whose long tentacles reached up from the great forest of past beauty.  Just one little pulling of a coupla weeds (out of multitudes) in the beds led to what looks like a pile of new-mown hay lying in the front yard.  (Separating the thorny stuff from the smooth stuff is one of the most important steps, when you're gonna grab at it).  

In for a thorough hand-and-forearm wash with Dawn, just in case there was a bad plant in there, and we're just BEING for a moment.  That's a thing of itself, and also important.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
It sounds as if it is just the right weather to get involved with those homely pursuits so that the rain can pass by unnoticed.Carrot Cake sounds like a perfect antidote and with a little helper what could be nicer? Have fun!!

LV said...

Wish we had some of your nice weather here. It has at least cooled off, but still no rain in months. Everything is dying.