Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well, at last.    ‘Tis the SEASON---the time of the singing of birds is come, and some big old ruby-juice tomatoes were hanging heavy on the vine.

Last night was another of the Don’t Heat The Kitchen nights, and a lovely supper it  was:   Tomato Sandwiches, Hoop Cheese from Alabama, and some of the pounds and pounds of green peanuts which Chris has  been simmering in the upstairs crock-pot and bagging for the freezer this week.

After a VERY active day on Friday, I put some bacon in the microwave and headed for the shower while Chris peeled and sliced the tomatoes.

I cut some Hoop Cheese into sticks (we treat this stuff like GOLD, for we can’t find this kind any nearer home).    The little dark coloration is just a shadow:

My sandwich was tomato and some English cucumber on 12-Grain bread---just the thing such a Southern Anglophile would crave:

Chris likes lots of tomato and a BIG slather of mayo (Dukes, from several quarts brought back from his trip).

His are true over-the-sink sandwiches:

His Plate:

 A little snacking-bowl of boiled peanuts:

The Perfect Southern Summer Supper---Tomato Sandwiches, Bacon, Hoop Cheese and Boiled Peanuts:


steelersandstartrek said...

Some folks follow favorite bands from town to town, shamelessly hoping that somehow they will be noticed and somehow become "part of with the band." Others go from food festival to food festival, or NASCAR event to event. I think when I retire I shall chase the tomato crop north each year and then the autumn foliage south again.

There is nothing as perfect in this world as a local vine-ripe tomato. We are 2/3s through our season (local prices are already starting to creep up again as the supply crests the top of the roller coaster hill) and folks from Penn to Indiana are now enjoying the bounty! Truly time for a road trip!

racheld said...

What a concept---a leaf-and-mater roadie!

All you'd need is a sharp knife, a cooler for the mayo, a snap-top shaker of salt, and maybe a little vinyl tablecloth, for stopping at roadside parks and inviting bowers to spread the feast.

Many, many a tomato supper we've had along the sundown roads, just finding a place to spread our simple meal, after finding a little local stand with the huge gorgeous tomatoes.

Chris is the World Whoop-Around Champeen, and can turn the car on a one-track gravel road, after glimpsing a Tomato or Fresh Peanuts sign.

And when they have peaches as well---it's Goblin Market.

Kim Shook said...

Well, for me would you please tuck a loaf of squishy white bread into the basket. There are a very few things that are better on white bread - PBJ's, baloney and TOMATOES.

I really love the addition of cukes to the sammich - from one Southern Anglophile to another!

Bev said...

Don't forget me..tomato sandwich pls. extra blue mayo..I'll pass on those peanuts if they are the same as the Phillipino boiled nuts.

Bev said...

oops should be Philippino.

racheld said...

The peanuts are just boiled with salt (though a lot of the little stores and farm stands, and even quite a few guys-in-the-shade-with-a-pot are selling several "flavors," including chili, barbecue, and garlic). The green (fresh) ones take just a couple of hours; dried ones in the shell take sometimes six.

You just pop the shell at the little division, and eat them right out of the other half. They're very much like a smooth pinto bean.

Bev said...

hmm..I would have to taste these things.

Beverly said...

This sounds like a fine banquet to this girl. I'll join you any time. I prefer the 12-grain bread for my sandwich, too.

Oh, and boiled peanuts! I surely have died and gone to heaven. I have loved them since I was a small child, but my husband has never acquired a taste for them.

Fresh peaches so juicy you need a bath afterwards. Life is good.♥

Tonja said...

Boiled Peanuts!!! The best! Nothing is as good! Dothan has a Peanut Festival every fall and they always have huge iron pots 9like withches cauldrons) cooking mega amounts of peanuts. You just walk by and get a cup full. A lot of folks around here use rock salt, too.

Now, mater samachises...soft white bread with lots of mayo...then several slices of mater, and 3 strips of crisp bacon! It is eating like royalty!