Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I'm thinking back to cooler times, for I have NOT been cooking much lately.    Somewhere in the photo archives were these lunch pictures from about four years ago.   I'm not at all gifted at "Tablescapes" but sometimes my Pastel Phase of Life gets the better of me.

A cool, cool Spring salad with Lime Vinaigrette:
Chris' wonderful ham-just-off-the-grill, with the unaccustomed fancifying of score marks and a Praline Rub:

Steamed Asparagus with boiled eggs, lemon, and that great 1-2-3-Blender Hollandaise. 

Devilled eggs , Corn Confetti Salad and a dish of plums, oranges, grapes and strawberries---in background are Sweet Potato Casserole and Broccoli/ Cauliflower Salad.    That tee-ninecy glimpse up in the top right corner is a black skillet of baked field corn, cut and put in the freezer the previous Summer, and just baked to a crusty, creamy perfection. 

Chris' plate---he's very fond of that lemony Hollandaise:

Coconut Cake with jar-dyed pink coconut;   the huge sweet candied shreds are from an Asian Market and had the texture of gummi-worms.   (It's  how you LOOK that counts????)   
Strawberry Bombe, with vanilla ice cream center and the attentions of an almost-empty Redi-Whip can---like a lot of us, almost exhausted, but still game to try. 
That was then, this is now---if that lunch were today, there would have been no egg-boiling, no asparagus-steaming, no cake-or-casserole baking, none of that scrumptious baked corn.   We'd have had a nice salad plate with greens, Confetti Corn, and the ham off the grill.   Sounds good to me.

Hope you're all keeping cool as you can!!


Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I just caught up with all of your posts I missed. Same old story here in our house. Time is meaningless because the days all fly by like crazy. How did retirement become "tired out?" HA! Lots of chores to catch up with and My niece ups and surprises us with a visit from Florida. A wonderful three day of talking and hugs. Not a single chore was accomplished. She recently had cancer surgery for breast cancer. Her hair is growing back and we gave her every bit of time we could find. She is in her early 50's and she s the first niece n our family. We have been so worried and her wonderful smile was a blessing.

So...I love your book reviews and agree with many of them. Some, I haven't read YET! I have to admit, I loved Gone With the Wind. I do agree with your characters of substance though. Smile.

You are one well read gal. Good for you. I love to read too.

Your food review has me feeling hungry for that great Southern food. I have been dieting. I enjoyed your quotes but I loved Chris's quote most of all. And his awesome HAM. Mmmmmmmm.

I too hate M... shopping. Shopping in thrift stores makes me happier. I do break down and shop once in a while. Sales only. I NEVER try anything on. The mirrors in the fitting rooms along with awful lighting goes against my grain! HA!

Bill is urging me to cook supper so I better go. Hotdogs...UGH. He loves them.

Until next time...
Love, Jenne

Patsy said...

All of that food looks so good.

Justabeachkat said...

Chris' ham looks amazing!!!


Chesapeake said...

Wow, do we ever need the "cooler times" post right not just to remind us that it is NOT always like the weather overhanging so many of us now.

Used a search to look for your posting about making baked potatoes crispy and FOUND it! Whoo-hoo, guess what's for din-din tonight! And, again, THANK YOU!

Kim Shook said...

104 here today, with a heat index of 126. Blah. Loved that entire meal, Rachel. And if someone else had cooked it, I'd have bellied up to the table! Love the pastels and I really like the cake! I want some of those wormy things to decorate cupcakes with - must go to Asian market soon!