Monday, July 11, 2011


Take, Taking also connotes receiving something you pay for, usually in a scheduled manner.   You can “take the paper,” or a magazine, or even milk and eggs from a farmer who regularly sets aside or delivers your requested order.

You can also “Take Out After” anybody runnin’ away with said goods before you have a chance to get them in off the porch.

Takin’ On can range from weeping to moaning to gnashing of teeth, and is a form of grief, or of self-pity, often occasioned by Taking On too much to do or to see to or to complete.

Takin’ Up With is striking up more than a passing acquaintance, and often refers to arrangements not to your benefit, as in Takin’ Up with the Wrong Crowd, or with a No-Count Triflin’ fella.   More polite vernacular for Shackin’---if things have got that far.

Takin’ Over---stepping right in like you own the place, like Miss Ocella Black at most Civic Club meetin’s---Rules of Order know not her name.

Takin’ Up For---defending

Takin’ Offense is one of the lesser-desired Takes, for there are just SOME people who live to be offended.   They look for it to happen, and by some hook or crook, it usually does.    Some folks, you can just look at ‘em wrong, and there’s trouble.

Takin’ It Out On---that’s misplacing your anger or dismay or hurt onto the wrong outlet---when you’ve overheard someone criticizing your shoes/hair/ housekeeping/child-raisin’ you might go home and take it out on your husband, who hasn’t a CLUE what’s the matter with you.

The Take---profit from certain ventures, such as concession stands, charity events, carnival receipts.

Take Off---run away abruptly, sometimes with time to pack a bag.   "She didn't say a WORD; she just Took Off."    Slightly more educated than RUNN OFT.

Takin’ To---also expressed as Takin’ a Likin’ To---now THAT’S a good feeling---when someone just Takes to you, or you Take To them.   It’s an immediate cordiality, a feeling of happiness in their presence, a good result of a meeting.   It can lead to lifelong friendship, good family relations, and sometimes, True Love.


Chesapeake said...

We took to you as soon as Chris introduced us, but I think I was even more taken with your mother at that time!

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, It sure feels good to just pop over anytime I want just to read what you are writing of late. I definitely have taken to you and your lovely stories the first time I read your Blog. Love your Mason Dictionary. Very entertaining and informative. BIG smile here.

It feels so good to be 'home.'

Love, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Oops! Dixonary!!!
Me again!

Cape Coop said...

"on the take"- when you are making money under the table somehow. Under the table, being another idiom which bears mention!

Keetha said...

LOVE. It's one of those little figures of speech I don't think a thing about.

"We take the Clarion-Ledger."

"Oh? We take the Commercial Appeal."

Tonja said...

Love this! When you think about it, we have done some mighty strange things to the English language, haven't we? Someone trying to understand it from another country doesn't stand a chance!

Tonja said...

How about..."take it to the limit" ?