Sunday, February 20, 2011



It’s a chilly, drizzly day here today, with a BIG WOOHAH of a storm showing on the Weathermap---blue clouds swirling like a dragon from here to Montana. We’re way down under what would be the tail, so he’s sorta backing past us way up through the Lake area, with his body stretched across the Dakotas and a big old horned head threatening to cover the BIG SKY altogether. A few snorts of blue-smoke breath hang down all the way into Nevada, just as I looked at the map just now, and it looks fierce all the way.

Yesterday was sunny and fabulous---I crackled open a package of my new seersucker Capris, fresh from the Lane Bryant bag, grabbed a T to sorta match, and out we went, to lunch and some SHOPPING. I seldom say the “S” word, for I think I must have some form of agoraphobia---not that I don’t like to get out of the house, and if there’s lunch involved, I’m your girl.

I’ve just got to where walking around in a store is so boring, and I’m ready to go home really soon---like one of those Southern husbands sitting on a tee-ninecy chair at Goldsmith’s with his cap in his hands between his khaki knees while his wife tries on clothes. That bored. (And if he’s holding her purse, he’s bored AND embarrassed).

But yesterday was different. It was Pink Saturday, courtesy of sweet BEVERLY, and my early-morning scan of the links revealed picture after picture of the most beautifully photographed, most lovingly arranged vignettes and tabletops and desserts and FLOWERS---all with shades of pink. And pink IS my color, I think---I’m just to a Pastel Phase of life, where comfort and cushion and color trump style or smart.

Olive Duntley photo

And one picture in particular caught my eye---this one. Just the colors of the roses, and especially the depth of those pink candles---you could see into them a bit, like looking into beautifully-hued glass, almost, and I WANTED SOME. I wanted to FIND those; I wanted to MAKE that, and have it to look at in my own house.

Since I don’t go out much, when I said, “How about lunch and a trip to Michael’s?” Chris’ answer was quick and happy, “AbsoLUTEly!” he said. And we did. We had a long leisurely lunch at Cracker Barrel, and then back out into the warming sun to Michael’s, through the aisles overgrown with every shade of silk and plastic known to bloom.

I think we DID find the candles there, two round baby-pink ones, a squat one for the dining table and a tall regal one for the immense candlestick that’s hidden somewhere in the silver graveyard upstairs.

On to JoAnn’s, with nothing much in the right colors, then to Hobby Lobby, where the great aisles of lush, hanging plants and leis and bouquets and hand-clutches boggled the eyes even before the mind could take hold.

Seven (all there were) blushing silk roses with the hue of a Southern Summer, a big bouquet of the palest wobbly blooms, a lovely cascade of some white silky lilac-y things, and some gently-green leaves to intersperse. Two candle-rings and of course, a big bagful of markers, coloring books, crafty things, little pastel buckets, and felt cutouts in all hues and shapes for the Grands’ Easter Baskets.

I’ll enlist Caro’s aid in getting these together, and this rainy day may be just the time. I’m craft-impaired, but she’s a whiz, and I’m looking forward to the work as much as the result.

Moiré non about all the blush and bashful covering my table,


steelersandstartrek said...

Your e-roses are gorgeous! Pink and perfect and all springtime, even as we are working to complete AUTUMN chores today. Raking seems to be a never ending task around here.

We ventured into Hobby Lobby for the first time yesterday. (Kim's exact words were, 'if I do not spend too much in Target, can we go look around in Hobby Lobby?' I knew at once my fate was sealed.) The place is like Michael's on steroids. Kim's eyes lit up like a gambler in a casino. That moment made me an absolute believer in predestination, and What Is To Be is likely to be expensive.

Kim Shook said...

Following my husband to say that I did not spend a DIME at Hobby Lobby! I did file stuff away to purchase later, though! And I, too, am a PINK, so all of that pink 'brighted' me! I can't wait to see your creation. I know how talented Caro is, so I know it will be lovely.

Husband and daughter are raking now and it's time for me to relieve someone (only 2 rakes), but thank you so much for the lovely break my dear, dear Rachel! Love to you and yours this Sunday!

Denise@alloverroses said...

Hi Rachel, This was such a lovely post. I'm so glad I contributed to your fun outing with your Hubby! That second photo you posted simply incredible! I wish i could duplicate that in silk and have it in my home always! Have a lovely day!

racheld said...


It was SO lovely to find your creations---it's occupied my whole weekend VERY pleasantly!

I cannot take credit for the pictures---that one is by a florist of great artistry.

My Dear Shookseses:

You know how you have great plans, and have such aspirations of doing great and wonderful things? I will post tomorrow about all the things which have occupied us since I undertook to get this thing going. It's funny, almost like those senior moments when you go into another room for your glasses, see the plants need watering, etc., etc.

It's been a fun day with Caro, though!!

And love to Y'all, Sweetpea!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Such delicate pinks..and ones not always so easy to find all together. Just beautiful, Racheld.
I just bought a rose bush of that delicate pink. I hope it turns out to be what it's supposed to be. One of the lovliest bouquet I've ever seen!

Kim Shook said...

Nothing to do with pink or flowers, but Mike saw something on Food Network and has a question. Have you all ever been to Three Sister's Cafe and Bakery. He said that it looked great. Maybe we could meet there for breakfast one Saturday (I wish, I WISH!).

Southern Lady said...

I can't wait to see your and Caro's creation, Rachel. I know it's going to brighten my day.

I, too, cannot stand to shop, unless it's for "house or yard stuff." There's nothing I detest any more than shopping for clothes, unless it's shopping for shoes ... lol

I enjoyed your Teacakes post, too, and I'm going to send it to my mama. She loves to make them, and I know she will enjoy seeing your recipe and hearing your story about Miss Lottie's teacakes.

Jillian said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Love all of the photos of the PINK ROSES, of course.

Bev said...

That candle is a beautiful shade of pink..lovely. Can't wait to see what you and Caro create!

Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel, I am so glad to be visiting this morning. Especially you my dear blogging friend. I read the tea cakes post and loved it but just didn't feel up to much that day. Today I am up and at em!

Your shopping trip and beautiful purchases are intriguing. I am looking forward to the results of such a serious shopping trip to find pink roses etc. Your inspiration pics are gorgeous.

Thank you for your sweet comments Rachel. I appreciate them so much. Tomorrow is take the stitches out day. I can't wait. I am finally feeling very good. I didn't say I am LOOKING GOOD THOUGH. Smile.

Hugs, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Rachel, you gave me the biggest smile. I am so happy you had fun visiting Pink Saturday pinkies, and even better to find such inspiration.

Your new pretties are just that - so pretty. And, just look at all the joy shared.

Now, about the tuna incident. Ick!!!!! I'm gagging here.

Romantic Dinner said...

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Pink Roses said...

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