Sunday, June 27, 2010


The week of their visit seemed to be Kit's week---lots of things centered around her birthday. Her older sister's birthday is in Winter, with no outdoor games, etc., so we used to have her a half-birthday every Summer, to catch up.

We had a wonderful time whilst they were all here, though we missed several of the activities we had planned. We meant to have a weenie roast one night, with real, genuine actual S’mores constructed from Graham crackers, Hershey Bars broken just along the S’mores lines they put on them just for that purpose, and gently-toasted (or ragingly flamed---however you like ‘em) marshmallows.

It just seemed that the days got away from us, flying past in a blur between breakfast times---one of which included waking to a birthday cake:

And this trip---despite my usual clinging to old habits and my love of setting out pretty parties and making pretty tables, the Solo Cup and Plate company’s coffers swelled beyond their dreams of avarice. We used them almost every meal, and that get-up-and-toss moment, as each child cleared a portion of the table and readied it for art, puzzles, a tea party later in the afternoon---that was worth trying to be greener'n Kermit for the next coupla years.

Any table with TWO high chairs---in MY book, that's just too much Sugar for a Dime.

Then it was outdoors, up trees, down the block, to the store, ride the bike, drive the little car, back up the tree---and then it was time for lunch, most of which were enjoyed on the patio, sometimes with all nine of us gathered.

We DID cook, and we DID go out; we constructed elaborate tea-stands of sandwiches and little muffins and celery sticks, and the Jif company stocks rose mightily up the board, as well. As did the combined holdings of Messrs. Kellogg and Post, for our little guys consumed vast amounts of Lucky Charms and Applejacks and other crunchy, sugary delights. What the heck---they were at GANJIN and GANNER’s house!

There were parfait breakfasts, with everyone taking a turn with the berries, the granola, the

and the Redi-Wip can:

Kit had requested our usual parade, as a sendoff to her Birthday Party, and we had the hats all ready, the car and the bike all spiffed up, the balloons and flags all ready for display, and the RAIN said No. My fun was going to be teaching the kidlets the “birthday party games” from my own childhood---little lawn games like Farmer in the Dell, London Bridge, Drop the Handkerchief, and maybe Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Again---we were house-bound.

On pretty days, their Aunt-who-lives-close contributed Sidewalk Chalk (a great hit with one and all, especially seeing their ole Ganjin demonstrate her great prowess with Hopscotch) and everyone got a big bottle of bubbles (an entire afternoon of blowing and chasing and popping ensued)---a fast-running blur of children and bubbles:

The usual view of anyone shorter than four feet---doin' sump'n.

There was a teensy dog, also with the usual view of his young Master---running AWAY.

There was a BIG dog---he outweighs ALL the GrandChildren:

As well as our own FuzzyPup, who began his life as THEIRS, but he’s decided that being the ONLY fellow in the house is nicer than being gnawed on by a mouth bigger than your head, when you're trying to sleep.

(The photo above was taken, believe it or not, by our Girl in Residence, who asked, "May I push the but-ten?" When I said, "Look right through here," she sorta aimed her eye at the back of the camera, clicked, and there it was---centered and everything. Of course, the subject is just like everyone else---looking OFFFFF).

Caro brought pretty crafts kits---fairy fashions and felt jewelry and some exquisitely beautiful markers, which were continued throughout the week, as well as games and puzzles and coloring books and a new BOX OF 96. Those are the main reason that our Gracie was notably absent from most activities---she could be found at the “art” table, where she made lovely floral jewelry and had several knitting lessons from our dear neighbor. The click of needles punctuated most of our days thereafter, and she was distributing pretty little “sleep masks” to all the ladies present before the week was out.
We played, we sang, we had all sorts of fun. Everyone just gave every minute its due, and bath time was the final play, with everyone into jammies and maybe just a teensy snack before toothbrush time. Even our little Cal, whose much-protested bedtimes and refusals to nap---ever---were disavowed by his gentle collapse and slump almost the moment the last pajama snap clicked. And they all slept until at least 8 a.m., and a couple of times til nine.

Anyway---the time was wonderful, too short, and crammed WAY full of good things to do and to see and to read and to eat. We’ll get together again for a couple of weeks before Summer is out, and perhaps we’ll fill in all the gaps caused by the rain and sheer lack of time to do everything. Lots to anticipate for next visit, and too long until it comes.
Tomorrow: THE PARTY and that PRINCESS CAKE!


Cape Coop said...

Isn't it all just wonderful? I'm so happy for you to have these wonderful times, these wonderful memories made, and your wonderful family.

Indy Cookie said...

Your posts make me want to be a child again! I remember the visits with all the cousins at my Mamaw and Papaw's. What an adorable group of little'ens you have!

Tonja said...

Oh what a fun time you made it to be there with Ganjin! But, it's probably a good thing there are no more than 24 hours in a all may not have survived!

So happy you have these sweet memories!

Keetha said...

Those curls! That pup! Not to mention birthday cake for breakfast and those old-fashioned birthday party games (we played pin the tail on the donkey at my son's bday party last November - the kids had never played it before and loved it). How much fun! I want to come to summer camp at your house.

racheld said...

24? Was that the ration? Sometimes it seemed like half that, and other days, when the running and happenings were flowing into such fun, they stretched for at least a fortnight.

And you'd ALLLL be so welcome!! Camp Rachel has been proposed by more adults than children, I think. Hmmmmm---an idea!!

Kim Shook said...

Oh, Rachel! Those smiles (even on the Dog!) tell the whole story! What exuberant fun y'all had! And that headful of curls on your young man just kilt me daid - that's EXACTLY what Jessiebear's mop looked like. And you are just the grandma I want to be someday: spoil 'em? Yep. Sweet treats? Sure. Stay up late to watch movies together with WAY too much popcorn and co'cola? You betcha! I raised my child and did my best. With grandchildren I wanna have FUN!

And anything that you think you 'missed'? I guarantee that no one else missed a thing! Even Kit's parade - a pleasure deferred.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am happy to say this day was a day of rest even though it was Monday. Smile. I intended to visit all day long but it didn't happen. Every time I sat down for five minutes I fell asleep. HA! Signs of a week long party. So I gave in and slept the afternoon away. I feel guilty. LOL.

All the goings on in your week with the grands is adorable. I do remember the fun things we did when mine were small. Not now, we went swimming, again on a tubing trip,(I tubed too) then sliding rock, the state Park swimming hole, a new swimming place where you jump 20 feet into a swimming hole off a sturdy rope. (not me), and a birthday party too. My great niece turned 7 on Friday. No sidewalk chalk this year and that's a first. Lots of guitar playing and movies like Mamma Mia and Harry Potter. Hula hoop contests were a big hit. My idea!!! Go grams!

I have to say the tea cup tree was genius. Just adorable. Tea cups, tea parties and fairies. Just the best ideas ever Rachel. I want a sleeping mask!!! Smile.

Aren't we just the luckiest grandparents ever?

Love ya, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Isn't being a grandmother the best role in the world? I love it. I have one grandchild - and he is the sweetest guy in the world. I adore him!!!

Our time together probably seems very quiet since there is just one, but every second makes a treasured memory.

Camp Rachel sounds like a huge success, and quite the place to be.

Kouign Aman said...

I gotta throw a birthday party this summer. Want the job as planner?